Having a Basic Idea of the Best Services at Columbarium Singapore

Having a Basic Idea of the Best Services at Columbarium Singapore
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28 November 2022

When a loved one passes away, it creates a moment of mourning for his entire family and friends. At that time they are not mentally ready to say a permanent goodbye to him. After losing such a loved one, many families often build a columbarium for him, where they believe that the soul of the deceased lives in peace forever. 

Usually, this kind of activity is done after putting him in the grave following various rituals. After the cremation, the ashes are usually placed in such a place and preserved as a memento. However, this kind of memory preservation can be done in different ways, such as public or private columbarium Singapore. So we will present that complete discussion today through our post on this matter.

Two Fundamental Ways of a Columbarium in Singapore - 

A columbarium is created to preserve the memory of a deceased person. Although, this type of memorial can be of different types. Many people can create a memorial in any part of their home to keep the memory of their loved one on their premises. Others can take this measure in a public place where memorials of different people are built. Based on this distinction, two types of columbarium can be seen, namely-

  • Public columbarium Singapore and
  • Private columbarium Singapore.

Public Columbarium- An Overall Idea

Generally, some public places are used for this purpose by the state authority of Singapore. Such columbariums that’s why are made in that public place and a reasonable and fixed price is charged by the government. Since many people's tombs are built in these areas, they can be called public burial grounds. 

Advantages of The Public Columbarium

The usual benefits you will get in this kind of matter are –

  • If you are thinking about the budget then it can be said that this matter will be a much more reasonable choice.
  • Usually, this place is very big and beautiful so the decision to make a memory place here for any family member will not be wrong at all.

Disadvantages of a Public Columbarium

A disadvantage, in this case, is that since it is made in the rural area of Singapore it is a bit difficult to communicate with it. Besides, so many people come here for this work that there is a problem with getting a place here.

Private Columbarium- an Overall Idea

There is no denying the fact that private columbarium in Singapore is very few but many people prefer them. A report revealed that there are only 61 such columbariums in Singapore at present. Usually, when a memorial space is created for a person in a private area, it is called private.

Advantages of a Private Columbarium - 

There are several advantages to making it, viz.

  • In this case, you can choose a good location for your loved one as per your preference. Apart from this, you can plan the entire area as per your wish which is never possible in the case of the public columbarium.
  • Those who come to pay their respects will also be able to pay their respects in a quiet environment.
  • If the family wishes, it is possible to organize an annual tribute ceremony in this case, which is quite difficult to organize in public.

Disadvantages of a Private Columbarium - 

A few disadvantages can be mentioned in this regard. A lot of investment certainly has to be made to build such a thing. Also, you can do this after planning for a long time as there are many documents and factors involved.

But it is safe to say that the task will not be too difficult if a good service provider helps you in this regard. In such a state of mind, you are suggested by us to follow the Nirvana Singapore Promotion. We are certain that it will be good support for sure.


A columbarium is undoubtedly built to keep a departed person's memory alive. Although there are many various kinds of memorials. Many people have the option of building a monument in any location within their home to preserve their loved one's memory there as well. You are welcome to get in touch with Nirvana for assistance in this area.

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