How Business Astrology Help Us - Kundli analysis

How Business Astrology Help Us - Kundli analysis
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Everyone gets into the confusing situation of choosing business or a job as career at some point in life. Both of the options have their own pros and cons and it becomes really difficult to zero on your choice. Sometimes job and sometimes business seems more attractive. Astrology may help to come out of such confusing state by analyzing what do the planets in your janam kundli have in store for you? It is a well known fact that we all are born with unique placement of planets that exert their unique influence on each one of us. Not one thing suits to all and our planets decide what would be the best business as kundli for us whether it is a job or business or anything else.   

Business Prediction by Date of Birth       

Your horoscope as processed through your date of birth can successfully tell whether job or business will prove more beneficial for you. To know whether the individual will shine in business or job, the astrologer usually examine the following-

For determining the potential of a person to do a business, the astrologer analyzes the lagna or ascendant. If lagna and its lord are strong, it usually indicates for business as the person finds it difficult to obey the orders of others. Further, it needs more inner strength to carry one’s own business.

The seventh and tenth house is considered to be the houses of business. If the native has more number of planets influencing these two houses then there are chances of the native going for a business. A strong 10th house is a strong indication for success in business.

The sixth house is a house of service or job. A strong 6th house gives a serving and helping nature to a person. So, with a strong 6th house even if a person starts his/her own business, he still has to remain under the service of others. A strong 6th house may give a highly paid job if utilized properly after seeking astrological guidance from an expert.

To start a business venture or some new firm, the person needs to have courage, risk taking capability, farsightedness, and an open mind towards new concepts. It is important to check through the zodiac and moon sign, how much courage a person can show. If he/she is found to be weak then doing a job will be much more beneficial for that person.

The planets Sun, Moon, Mars and Rahu are known to give business while others may give a job. Saturn also plays an important role. Saturn is a karmkaraka and if strong takes the native towards business. If supported by the Sun and the Moon, Saturn may turn a person into a business tycoon. On the other hand, a weak Saturn drives the native into a job. He is in a better position to serve others. For this, the strength of the Moon and the Sun need to be checked as well.

Mars if placed in the ninth house in birth chart gives business. Mars casts an aspect at the third house of courage and determination from the 9th house which helps the native to become an entrepreneur. The ninth house is the house of fortune and Mars wishes the native to make his fortune through his courage and risk taking capability.

Can I get success in job as per birth chart?

Whether a person will get success in job will largely depend upon the position of the 6th house and its lord. If 6th house lord is placed in the 2nd or 11th house then the native is sure to earn great wealth through job. The 2nd and 11th houses are known as the houses of wealth and gains. These are responsible for creating dhan yoga in kundli as well. 7th lord making any connections with the houses of wealth give very good gains through the job or service. At the same time, there may be gains in diseases and disputes as well.  So, one should take an astrological consultation to exactly determine what role the sixth house is playing in your life.

Which is best for me job or business as per birth chart?

Get your kundli analysis done and the astrologer with careful study of your birth chart, D-9 and D-10 chart may correctly predict the most suitable option out of job or business for you! 


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