How Can I Keep My Persian Cat Healthy?

How Can I Keep My Persian Cat Healthy?
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31 March 2023

Looking for persian cat price in pakistan? Persian cats are the most demanding cats in Pakistan, and people love to keep them as pets. Besides keeping them as a pet, it is really important to take care of them—a well-liked breed due to their doll-like looks, huge eyes, calm demeanour, and agreeable personalities. As with any pet, keeping a Persian cat as a friend entails a specific set of duties. There are many factors to consider when caring for a Persian cat, from coat maintenance to health concerns. Also, feed them healthy food and get it from renowned stores; to know the persian cat food price in pakistan visit the farmGhar now! 

Take Care Of Their Eyes 

Recognise the cause of the browning of Persian cat eye fluid. You might wonder why your cat's eye fluid becomes brown when it pours out. The explanation is that the tear fluid contains substances known as porphyrins, and when these substances are exposed to the air, they oxidise and take on a rusty-brown hue.

Prevents the Cat’s Fur 

When an apple is chopped, it turns brown due to a specific mechanism. You must prevent the cat's fur from becoming stained by these tears. One method is the previously described basic eye care. Another option is to use a cotton square and a tiny bit of liquid boric acid, which is safe for eye wash. After eliminating the stain, twice daily, wipe the region below and around the eye with cotton balls soaked in warm water.

Take them for a Regular Check-up 

Keep an eye out for any disease symptoms. Persians have been bred for their distinctive appearance, yet this breeding has also made them more susceptible to certain illnesses. If your cat is genetically predisposed to developing the disease, there is little you can do to stop it from happening. However, you can keep an eye out for the symptoms and have your cat treated as soon as it manifests.

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Persian Cat Grooming Needs

Persian cats require more frequent brushing than other breeds because of their long, dense fur. To maintain your cat's coat tidy and free of tangles, brush it two to three times every week. Furthermore, once a month, nail clipping and ear cleaning will assist in avoiding any concerns with irritation or parasites in these regions. Also, It's critical to remember that frequent brushing and combing can lessen shedding. Also, it may aid in promoting the skin's natural oils, which will keep the coat looking shiny and lovely.

Avoid Polycystic Kidney Disease 

One in three Persian cats has this genetic defect, which causes the kidneys to develop many fluid-filled cysts that can cause renal illness. After the issue has been detected, prescription renal diets and drugs like ACE inhibitors that help the kidneys' filtration ability can extend the life of your pet. Some symptoms include excessive drinking.

decrease in appetite.


Loss of weight.


Regularly Bathing 

You need to get ready before you start bathing your pet cat. Provide a secure space at a comfortable temperature with a non-slip surface to start. Before starting, ensure you have all the tools you'll need, including towels, cat shampoo, and a comb. Whenever your cat is in the tub or sink, thoroughly wet their coat with lukewarm water, not hot or cold.

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