The Different Varieties of Persian Cats

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Do you know there are several types of Persian cats? Persian cats, one of the most gorgeous and popular feline breeds in the world comes in many types. The Persian pedigree is believed to be originated from Persia (modern-day Iran). However, due to the escalating popularity of this breed, many different varieties of Persian cats have been developed over time.

The Persians, the luscious-haired beauties is considered to be one of the oldest breeds. This feline royalty is known for its long, flowing coat of fur. The cats of this breed are quiet and gentle in temperament. And if treated right, the Persians make the most affectionate and loving companions.

Although there is only one Persian cat breed, its different types exist. You may also find numerous mixed Persian breeds but they can’t be described as Persians. The pure-bred Persians are a work of art and each variety has distinct features. Persians can be divided into categories based on their characteristics. Wondering how many different types of Persian are there? Let’s take a look at the main types of Persian cats.

Doll Face Persians

The Traditional Cat Breed Association (TCA) has declared that doll-faced Persians are original. The doll-faced, also known as classic or old-fashioned Persians have a flattened face and short nose. Unlike their peke‐face counterparts, these have a small, rounded head, with a shorter nose. The doll face Persians are medium-sized with weight ranging between 7 and 12 pounds. This breed is known for its sweet expressions and long, thick fur that can grow up to 10 inches long. You can find doll-faced Persians in various colors but pure white Persians with blue eyes are the most popular. The traditional doll face Persian is also said to be healthier than a flat-faced Persian.

Peke Face

The show Persians are also known as the peke‐face Persian because of their similarity with the Pekingese dog. The cats of this Persian variety have a round head with large round eyes, round cheeks and a short nose that is aligned with its eyes. These flat-face cats have a brachycephalic head structure, similar to Pekingese dogs and Pug dogs. Due to their brachycephalic head structure, these cats are subject to acute health issues.

Chinchilla Persians

These Persians are distinguished from others because of their beautiful fur shades. Their fur can of silver, blue or gold shade. Chinchilla has doll faces rather than the flat face of Persian show cats.


The Persians of this variety are bred by mating a Persian with a Siamese cat. Himalayans typically have blue eyes and can be found in at least 19 different colors and patterns. These cats have colorpoint coat coloration of the Siamese and thick coat of the Persian.

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthairs have a similar flat face but a shorter, more manageable coat. Most people admire Persians for their long, flowing coat but if you prefer a Persian with a short coat, then go for this variety. These Persians are cross-bred with American Shorthair cats to get the coat length of the Shorthair.

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