How Commercial Real Estate Map Creation Software is Revolutionizing the Industry?

How Commercial Real Estate Map Creation Software is Revolutionizing the Industry?
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11 September

The commercial real estate industry is rapidly evolving thanks to new technologies like mapping software. These innovative tools change how brokers source listings, market properties, and close deals. This blog will explore how commercial real estate map software revolutionizes the industry.

The Rise of Commercial Real Estate Map Generation Software

Creating a custom map for a commercial real estate listing a decade ago was a tedious, manual process. Brokers would screenshot aerial views from Google Maps, painstakingly add logos and labels in Photoshop, and hope the result didn't look amateurish.

Commercial real estate map

Today, user-friendly mapping software makes it fast and easy for brokers to generate professional retail maps highlighting nearby tenants and amenities. They can showcase a property's location value to prospective buyers with a few clicks. Popular platforms like REBLIE even auto-populate logos and business information based on the address.

This mapping technology has been a game changer for commercial real estate professionals. Let's look at some of the key ways it's revolutionizing the industry:

Sourcing Listings

When sourcing potential listings, brokers have traditionally relied on driving for dollars and cold calling. Mapping software enhances these lead gen activities by helping brokers identify and qualify leads faster.

With a few clicks, they can pull up an aerial view of any commercial area, see all the existing buildings, spot potential spaces for lease, and look up ownership information. This "smart scouting" helps brokers easily pinpoint viable listings and focus their efforts.

Best Mapping Software for Commercial Real Estate

On a driving-for-dollar outing, a broker can check out an area in the mapping software ahead of time. This gives them critical intel on property owners and vacancy rates before they ever get in the car. Mapping functionality takes the guesswork out of lead sourcing.

Marketing Properties

A high-quality retail real estate plot map is essential for marketing commercial real estate listings. They help buyers visualize a property about significant roads, anchor tenants, residential areas, and other vital details.

In the past, brokers had to hire designers to create custom maps from scratch. This required a considerable time investment and cost hundreds of dollars per listing.

With user-friendly mapping software, brokers skip the designer and make maps themselves in minutes. They can highlight the property, label surrounding tenants, emphasize traffic counts, and convey location value.

Mapping software also enables brokers to make interactive maps for their website listings. Buyers can zoom in on different areas to explore the neighborhood. This digital experience is invaluable for out-of-town investors researching a market.

Closing Deals

Perhaps most importantly, great maps help brokers communicate the value of a listing to prospective buyers and close more deals faster.

Buyers react emotionally when they can visualize a property's proximity to successful retailers, schools, infrastructure, and residential areas. A well-illustrated map builds confidence in the location.

Brokers should include a professional retail map in their offering memorandum for every listing. This helps spark buyer interest and accelerate the sales process. Buyers are far more likely to schedule a showing and make an offer when they understand the property's location assets from the marketing materials.

Free Real Estate Mapping Tools

With the right technology, creating these valuable maps takes just minutes rather than hours. Brokers can swiftly deliver hyper-specific maps tailored to every listing. This allows them to concentrate on selling rather than building maps.

Key Features of Commercial Real Estate Map Generation Software

Now that we've covered the transformational impact of commercial real estate mapping software, let's look at some of the key features that make it so valuable:

  • Aerial view of my property - Built-in access to up-to-date satellite imagery and aerial photography.
  • Logo library - Database of significant retailers' logos that populate automatically based on location.
  • Custom labeling - Ability to add text, points of interest, directions, etc.
  • Property highlighting - Color-coded shading to make the subject property stand out.
  • Downloadable PDF - Generate a print-ready PDF map with one click.
  • Branding - Add your company logo, contact info, slogan, etc.
  • Image overlays - Insert diagrams, floor plans, photos, etc. onto the map.
  • Interactive maps - Create digital maps with zoom and navigation for website listings.
  • Traffic count data - Layer traffic numbers onto roads to show accessibility.
  • Custom shapes - Draw polygons and lines to indicate trade areas, distances, etc.
  • Map packages - Purchase map credits in bulk for volume discounts.

The Right Tech for the Times

In today's competitive commercial real estate landscape, brokers need every advantage to efficiently source, market, and close listings. Property mapping software provides this edge by enhancing nearly every stage of the brokerage process.

Real Estate Plot Map

From lead generation to buyer presentations, user-friendly mapping tools enable brokers to work smarter. They no longer have to choose between spending hours struggling to DIY basic maps in Photoshop or shelling out big bucks for a designer.

With the latest commercial real estate mapping technology, brokers can create polished retail maps independently in just minutes per listing. This allows small boutique agencies to pump out the exact quality deliverables as large firms with big marketing budgets.

Companies embracing innovative property mapping software will gain a distinct competitive advantage as the industry adapts to new technologies and market conditions. They'll be able to locate more viable leads, deliver next-level marketing, and drive faster closings.

In today's on-demand business world, no broker has 20 hours to spare hand-drawing every map. The most successful professionals will continue leveraging commercial real estate mapping software like REBLIE to revolutionize their approach.

The future of brokerage belongs to those who embrace the latest tech tools to enhance productivity and exceed customer expectations. Mapping functionality provides this essential edge to brokers looking to expand their footprint in the market.


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