How Does Technician Management System Work?

How Does Technician Management System Work?
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23 September 2022

Have you ever wondered how a fleet management system is able to run smoothly for managers? Well, technicians are responsible for ensuring that all vehicles of a fleet are not just in condition, but also connected to the system for complete optimisation.

But with the addition of technicians to a fleet optimization process can pose an issue of information preservation and extra workload for managers. Let us learn some more about the technician management system and its functioning.

What is a Technician Management System?

Managing a fleet is difficult, especially when you are trying to keep them equipped with technology. There can be breakdowns, need for maintenance of sensors and so many other issues. Trying to keep track of techniques meant to solve such issues can be tasking as well.

This is why we have come up with a technician management system as an extension of fleet management software. It helps clients connect with executives working on their vehicles. This not only gives them freedom to choose just how much information they want their technicians to possess, but also helps clients assign tasks directly through the admin app.

Common Problems Faced While Using Only Fleet Management Software

Without a systematic way of handling the technicians of a fleet, owners can end up harming their business. Here are few ways in which fleets struggle trying to manage their technicians through fleet management software itself:

Unsafe Data

Data preservation is one of the top priorities for any kind of fleet. This is because in an age where information is strength, copying the management structure can become very easy. This can lead to an increase in competition for a fleet as many businesses will start offering the same services.

When technicians work on several different fleets regularly, information of each separate client is bound to get mixed up. This can not only reduce their productivity, but can also affect the functioning of fleets.

Inefficient Task Management

Assigning tasks to technicians is very difficult to execute through a fleet management system. Using the same platform used for assigning tasks to drivers can cause confusion for both parties. This can become a reason for inefficiency or reduced productivity as well.

Unorganised Procedure

Traditionally, tracking technicians and their activities was done manually.This can not only cause errors, but also leave a window open for incompetetnt executives. Technicians regularly have to visit vehicles on-site, away from manager’s direct line of sight. This is why ensuring that their employees are working is hard.

Using solely fleet management software crafted for vehicle optimisation does not solve this issue.

Incurred Losses

Fleet management software has a lot of features to help reduce the maintenance required by vehicles. But this in no way means that certain vehicles will not require servicing. There are damages caused to vehicles through factors that are beyond a manager/driver’s control. These include bad road conditions, tire punctures and so on.

In such cases of vehicle breakdowns, untimely technician support can mean reduced productivity. Not having a way to contact technicians directly can be a cause of such issues.

Time Inefficiency

Time is money. When high priority tasks are at stake, delays in execution can mean huge losses, not just for a fleet business, but also their clients. This is why issues arise when tasks are interrupted by vehicle down times.

Manually tracking technician locations to send tem to the vehicles is not efficient. Time lost in this process added to the time required for repairs too will certainly negatively impact business efficiency.

Benefits of Technician Management System

The purpose of this article is not to highlight problems faced by clients while using fleet management software. Instead we want to bring to you the best solution for all these issues. Some of the benefits of using admin app are:

Direct Communication

Admin app reduces the manager and technician’s need for communication. Tasks are assigned directly to each technician and they can be marked as done on the system itself. No more hassle of running after each employee for task updates.

Control Over Access

As we previously discussed, one of the major problems of using fleet management systems to optimise the working of technicians is privacy. They have access to company’s vehicles and functions which can be leaked very easily. Through technician management software, clients can limit what information technicians have access to.

Easily Accessible

Technician management software is very easy to operate. Instant alerts and SMSs make it easier for managers to optimise task management. They do not have to get confused with the operation of the fleet management system and the huge amount of information available there. Technicians can easily access information they need right from the admin app.

Insightful Reports

The admin app collects data of their employees and technicians. The data is then available for managers in the form of reports for them to study and optimise their fleets. These reports include technician efficiency and task completion rate that can be used to design technician training programs to help them manage fleets better.

Increased Productivity

With technician management software, managers save a lot of time that was spent on trying to keep track of their technicians and their tasks. This means they can divert their attention to their fleets instead and make better decisions for their vehicle optimisation. Admin app also saves time for technicians as they can complete tasks directly uploaded to their app. They can use this time for more tasks and increase productivity.


Handling a fleet can be difficult and this difficulty can increase significantly when you add the functioning of technicians to this process. This means managers have to spend extra time and resources on their fleet’s optimisation. But this stress can be reduced with integrating technician management software into the system.

Fleet management system with its technician management software can be your manager’s best friend. It can simplify the working of your fleet and its maintenance process both.

TrackoBit, the leading fleet management software in the market will help you reduce your optimisation process to just a couple steps. No more brainstorming about ways to ensure that your fleet stays efficient and healthy.

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