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To understand what cats, see, it is necessary to know a little more about how vision works. The eye is made up of several parts. Those that interest us here are the pupil, which allows more or less light to pass through, and the retina, on which the images that we perceive are formed. This is made up of several million cells in the shape of cones and rods. Cones allow  colors to be seen, and rods receive light.

Highly developed night vision

The retina of cats contains a much larger number cats with blue eyes of rods than that of humans. In addition, their pupil is able to open more than ours, in order to let in more light. Finally, cats have an extra wall in the back of their eye that reflects light – that's why their eyes glow at night! Thanks to all these elements, your cat has very good night vision: it is said to be nyctalope. Be careful, cats cannot see in complete darkness! However, a very weak light source is enough for them: they can easily locate themselves thanks to the light of the stars. lors to be seen, and rods receive light.

Cats see moving objects better

If the cat is an excellent hunter, it is not only because it is very fast, but also because it perceives moving objects very well. Indeed, the images follow one another much faster on his retina than on ours. It can therefore easily follow a prey, even if it moves very quickly. Conversely, the cat has much more difficulty in locating motionless prey, especially when they are far away.

Limited color perception

While our retina contains three types of cones, intended to perceive three different colors (red, green and blue), the cat only has two types of cones, green and blue. He is therefore unable to perceive the color red and its derivatives. In other words, he is color blind! Therefore, he perceives the world in shades of blue, yellow and green, presumably in pastel shades. At night, he sees the world in shades of gray.

Cats' field of vision

Cats have a very different field of vision than humans. While ours only measures 180°, to which are added 20° very blurry on each side, your four-legged friend sees 260°, including twice 30° of peripheral vision. But if its field of vision is wider, it is much less precise than ours. Cats see very blurry from afar, and rather badly up close british longhair cat

. Thus, your cat only sees you well when you are at a distance ranging from 10 centimeters to a few meters. We cannot have everything!


Since cats do not express themselves, it is difficult to determine precisely what they see or do not see. However, some studies seem to show that the vision of our feline friends adapts according to their environment. An apartment cat would therefore perceive the world differently from a cat living outdoors. Also, some eye diseases can affect your cat's vision, such as conjunctivitis.  If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian! As they age, cats can also lose some of their visual abilities.

No red or black for the cat
That is to say that the cat would not perceive the colors red and black. 
To get an idea of ​​how the cat sees the world around it, a blog called on an animal vision specialist. 

The cat is myopic!
On the mydeals site, the artist Nickolay Lamm offers retouched photos, which therefore compare our vision to that of the cat. After taking advice and information from clinics and veterinary specialists, this young man, only 25 years old, offers a whole gallery of photos allowing us to better realize how cats see.
It is also specified that cats have excellent night vision. And a 200-degree view, compared to 180 for humans. 
On the other hand, the vision of cats is less clear than ours: up to a little more than 6 meters for the animal, against 30 to 60 for us. The cat therefore tends to be myopic. 


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