How the Health ATM can Revolutionize the Medicare?

How the Health ATM can Revolutionize the Medicare?
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What is a health ATM? How does the health ATM benefits to healthcare sector? In India, many health ATMs are installed where daily checkups are done effectively. The health ATM can allow performing checkups for 23 diseases within 15 minutes.

There is no need to come out from your premises or visit the hospital for your daily checkups. You can easily use this flexible software and immediately get your test reports online.

Health ATMs are also used for the urgent treatment of patients at their homes. Read the article to move into the insights of health ATM and know how it revolutionizes the health sector.

Overview of health ATM

Health ATMs are derived from the ATM word ( automatic teller machine). In simple terms, it is touch screen clinics on cloud kiosk machine that helps to manage the health related information. It makes it easy for patients to access their health information online.

It motivates patients to participate in health managing activities with the help of world class medical facilities provided by health ATMs.

Health ATM- Digital integrated software

As we tell you, health ATMs are used to address the health problem of people located in rural and urban areas.

  • It is modern, sophisticated, simple, reliable, easy to use, and integrated software. Health ATM is also known as the touch point healthcare kiosk.
  • Health ATM is integrated touch point software that is used to diagnose every type of chronic disease while offering primary care.
  • It is also well equipped with cutting edge diagnostic tools for neurology, basic vitals, cardiology, pulmonary, etc.

How does the health ATM work

How does the working of health ATM benefits for medical sector? The health ATM is equipped with integrated medical devices that permit people to perform basic neurology, cardiology, pulmonary, pathology investigations, etc. It provides prescriptions to patients and assists them in communicating with doctors from remote locations.

The best thing is that the Health ATM can easily check the height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, oxygen level, saturation level, body temperature, etc., of users. Here are the vital signs easily measured by health ATM

  • Fat
  • Pulse rate
  • Temperature
  • Muscle mass
  • Haemoglobin
  • Lipid profile
  • Weight, height, and BMI
  • Blood glucose
  • Blood pressure
  • The instant report, etc

Key features of the health ATM

Here are the features and characteristics of using the health ATM. Let us take a glance at the following factors to embrace the Health ATM.

  • Live video consultation with doctors
  • Instant health reports
  • Instant medicine delivery
  • Monitor and manage the patient's health online
  • Automated health screening


There is a number of health ATMs installed today in various healthcare centres. You can easily diagnose the various vital signs of health through this integrated machine. The best thing is that users can easily use this machine with a few clicks, do their health checkups, and get instant health reports.

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