How to break into the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI)?

How to break into the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI)?
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27 May 2021

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is an interdisciplinary research field that focuses on the development of computer technology, especially the interaction between humans (users) and computers. The form of HCI information technology design intersects with fields such as user-centric design (UCD), user interface (UI) design, and user interface (UX) design. In many ways, HCI is the predecessor of UX design.

Something to stare at!

The Multidisciplinary field of HCI

HCI Understand that HCI is not only related to graphic design, information architecture, user experience, or research design. You can be a developer and maintain an active interest in human-computer interaction, or you can be a business analyst and maintain an active interest in it. In my current team, I have cooperated a lot with program managers, project managers, developers and testers. They have made outstanding contributions to the design of the application (both in the user interface and the front-end). Did not get any supplement or formal training, but their own experience is to observe the interface, understand the possible interfaces and your expectations of the interface. Therefore, if you are also proficient in other fields, then my first tip is to not just look for UX-oriented jobs.


Volunteer You must do an internship or volunteer work, but I want to focus on volunteer work because it is difficult to find internship opportunities. If you have time (a few hours a week or so), spend your time working with non-profit organizations. This not only helps you build your own product portfolio, but also helps you understand design standards and industries. Sometimes, it can also help you improve your coding skills (I volunteered to work for a cancer non-profit organization for about 11 months). It was a great experience because I learned a lot about website design, remote staffing, and Design technology provides guidance to stakeholders, guidance for the development team and HTML \ CSS \ jQuery learning. There are also many open source projects that can work with a lot of help, and if you are lucky enough to be part of a famous project, it will enhance your product portfolio.

Do some small projects

Small Projects These projects may range from redesigning your favorite iPhone app to creating a new app design, or working with developers to get it from the App Store. It is usually the portfolio of the user experience designer, not the finished product. I want to see the thought process that led to this situation (I'm not only talking about wireframes, but also about the logic of why you design your layout this way and why the user flow develops in a certain way).

Build a portfolio

Portfolio I believe you already know and have discussed this a lot, but you must be connected to the Internet. The evaluation of UX work usually starts and ends with a portfolio. Not being online will hurt you. It can include your volunteer work, your small project, and any other work you have already done (remember, you can enter a field from multiple fields).


How to break into the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI)? I admit that I did not do this myself, but it is a good way to prove my thought process. Don't you like this design? I don’t like the interactive process...Write it down and find the solution you think is feasible. Designed for an international audience? Research and blog. You may not find a job because of a blog, but this is a starting point for attention and something you can add to your portfolio.


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