How to build a perfect gaming PC cheaply

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How to build a perfect gaming PC cheaply

A cheap gaming PC may already sound like an impossible combination since gaming on the computer is usually combined with the most expensive parts and the budget can be imagined at around a thousand euros. This doesn't have to be the case, however, and a PC that is very suitable for gaming can be built much more cheaply.

In this context, however, keep in mind that in order to achieve the price target, we assume that the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and license for the Windows operating system are already available to the buyer. Of course, if this is not the case, buying the above parts will increase the final price. But the next time you upgrade your machine, a large amount of it can also be shifted to the next machine, so the investment itself is longer. We've tried to find the right balance between price and efficiency for all parts, but technology advances and prices live all the time, so changes are coming.

Affordable Processor for a gaming PC

There are two key issues to address when building a gaming PC on a budget. The first of these involves the selection of a processor or "computer brain". With this choice, the wallet can be opened quite wide, but luckily the competition between AMD and Intel has led to excellent gaming options even on the budget list. AMD's number one in this race is the AMD Ryzen 3300x processor, which offers great processing power for gaming and more.

Motherboard for your gaming PC

What makes motherboard choice interesting is that the motherboard is closely tied to the processor you choose. That means the motherboards are directly tied to the type of processor you put in them - and vice versa. Roughly speaking, an AMD processor can only be connected to an AMD processor motherboard and an Intel processor can only be connected to an Intel processor motherboard.

Graphics card for your gaming PC

The Graphics card is the most important Computer Part of PC-Systeme for gaming PC. There are practically three options for cheap graphics cards, which cost around 150-200 euros. Two of these are based on AMD technology and one on competing NVIDIA technology. And again, it doesn't matter if you choose AMD or Intel as the processor, both AMD and NVIDIA's graphics card work just as well with either processor. Unfortunately, the price level of graphics cards has skyrocketed since the beginning of 2021 - even for the cheapest graphics cards. This is affected both by the global shortage of components and by the corona pandemic and its spillover effects. The graphics card is by far the most expensive part, even on a cheap gaming computer.


The Best Affordable SSD for your gaming PC

SSDs find themselves in a situation where even the cheapest SSDs beat even the fastest standard mechanical hard drives with a speed difference so amazing that it's not worth relying on speed measurements. An SSD as a system hard drive is simply the only right choice, whether for gaming or just surfing the Internet.

The size of the SSD should be chosen to accommodate both Windows and any games and programs that will be installed over time. For videos, documents, etc., you can later increase your computer's storage space with cheaper, mechanical hard drives, but it's a good idea to choose a slightly larger SSD than you might think. Fortunately, for example, the 480-gigabyte price range already offers very cheap alternatives in the dark.

5000€ EURO GAMING PC: Intel Core i9 12900K and RTX 3080

The most recommended power supply for your gaming PC

It is noteworthy here that the subheading lacks a "low-cost" section, since building a gaming desktop does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality of the power supply. This is simply because the cheapest anonymous power supply poses the greatest risk to your entire computer. This is because the power supply is the part that can break - and at the same time destroy the entire inside of your computer by throwing a surge of electricity into the system. Unfortunately, when it comes to power supply, it is not worth compromising, but instead focus on quality manufacturers and power supplies that are sure to provide enough power for the computer you are assembling.

The cheapest case for a gaming PC

If you don't want to freak out with the power supply, you can do something about the case. If your quest doesn't surprise your friends with a great design case, you can build a gaming PC case in a basic "dull and ordinary" case, as long as you make sure you have enough space for both the fans and the parts you need.

What is considered a high-end PC?

A top-of-the-line PC generally includes lover coolers, top design cards (like a 2070 Super), and to top it all off, lots of smashes and a case with a smooth finish. Despite the higher costs, the mold quality is significantly higher.

Is it better to upgrade RAM or SSD?

An SSD stacks everything faster, except Smash can keep more things open at once. If you find that your PC is actually lagging intolerably, an SSD is the best approach. Building a gaming PC is becoming more popular than buying a pre-built one. As you build your own gaming PC, it sounds like you're just making your dreams come true. It saves you money and gives you a wonderful PC that meets your needs. We hopefully believe that this very effective guide will help you build the best gaming PC.

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