How to Choose a Reputable Data Harvesting Company

How to Choose a Reputable Data Harvesting Company
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Data harvesting software is an incredibly helpful tool for both businesses and ordinary people. Companies may essentially improve their productivity by employing such applications. Regular people, in turn, can, for example, simplify the process of finding a job or a suitable university using the mentioned apps. One, however, may obtain all those benefits only if they cooperate with reputable web scraping software development agencies (e.g., Nannostomus). So, let's look at the main features of trustworthy data harvesting companies in more detail.

Credible Web Scraping App Developers Always Consider Current Legislation

Actually, there are no specific data harvesting laws accepted by all countries worldwide. That's why trusted creators of online info-collecting applications take into account international acts on private information protection, as well as similar local legislation, when making and customizing web scraping bots. Such an approach allows you to eliminate the possibility of a fine for data harvesting completely.

What International Laws Should Be Considered?

First, the GDPR in force within EU countries is worth noting. Long story short, this act prohibits collecting any personal details on the internet. This, for example, implies the following info:

  • passport details, insurance number, etc.;
  • private videos and photos;
  • personal contacts (like emails, phone numbers, or addresses);
  • religious beliefs, political preferences, etc.;
  • gender, age, and so forth;
  • financial status, medical history, etc.

Also, the CPRA and CCPA should be noted. These acts were developed as well as adopted in California, USA. The CPRA is an addition to the CCPA, actually. It allows for the collection of any information, including personal details, published by people on social media, public forums, etc. So, generally, reputable developers follow the CCPA and CPRA when making data-foresting bots. But if their clients are going to work in an EU country, the GDPR is taken into account additionally.

What Should You Know About Local Legislation?

Numerous countries outside the EU came up with their own laws that protect privacy based on the GDPR. Such states include Chile, Turkey, Japan, South Africa, Kenya, and many more. However, some countries still defend private data entirely differently than the USA or EU (for instance, Saudi Arabia as well as the UAE). That's because of their unique national traditions and religious rules.

Trustworthy IT agencies always carefully learn all the peculiarities of certain states' legislation. Furthermore, they dive deeply into the cultural features of those countries. Such an approach allows for avoiding problems with data foresting, even in states with strict laws and severe social rules.

What Else to Take Into Consideration When Picking a Trusted Data Harvesting Company?

How to Choose a Reputable Data Harvesting Company


Reliable data harvesting companies always operate under official permissions issued by reputable authorities. Among the other essential things about trustworthy developers, experts note the subsequent ones:

  • trusted agencies sign contracts with their clients;
  • credible IT firms set clear deadlines for projects and strictly follow them;
  • trustworthy developers typically have comprehensive portfolios.

Lastly, web scraping software made by reputable creators can't be cheap. That's because qualitative data foresting apps require quite a lot of time and effort to develop them.

Final Words

Solely reliable data harvesting companies are able to create online info-collecting software that meets all current laws and clients' demands. That's because only such agencies have experienced specialists who dive deeply into each project they perform. Trustworthy IT firms always cooperate with clients officially and strictly according to contract terms. You may find trusted developers, e.g., at

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