How to design a Shopify "Buy One Get One Free" promotion

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You may be aware, as an online businessperson, that there are many strategies to enhance your sales, and discounts can be one of them. Discounts are perceived as one of the most effective short-term techniques that businesses may use as long as their inventory is still present and there is no reduction in quantity. But it is true that not all discounts are created equally. Discount discounts are a nice option, but Buy One Get One has recently become more popular. We will go over more specifics about Buy One Get One (BOGO) and how to implement buy one get one free on Shopify in order to increase your sales and profit. Buy One Get One is one of the most popular promotional strategies in use today. There is just one motive for this: to raise the average order value by getting customers to add more items to their carts. On the buyer's side, people typically anticipate receiving something for free when they shop. With Buy One Get One, clients will feel as though they are getting something extra, which will encourage them to make additional purchases. Additionally, according to recent studies, buyers who receive a 50% discount on an item are more likely to purchase twice as much as they otherwise would.

How to configure Shopify for Buy One Get One Free

First, sign in to your Shopify account.

You must first connect in to your Shopify account using your email address and password.

Step 2: Select the Discounts section.

To access the discount page in this phase, select the Discounts area on the left side of the screen.

Choose Create Discount Code in step three.

Your page will appear empty if you haven't created any discounts. To proceed, click the Create Discount Code button located directly on the page to begin creating your discount code.

Step 4: Enter the promotional code

You can enter the discount code to proceed. Customers will receive this code and add it to their checkout when using it. Shopify gives you the option to generate code or let you write your own.

Choose the Buy X, Get Y option in step 5.

You can select Buy X Get Y from the options section to go to the discount page.

Step 6: The Customer Purchases section

You can educate your clients about the high-quality goods they must purchase in order to receive the discount in the Customer Buys section.

Step 7: The Clients Receive

You can show what considerations your consumers will have while buying things in the Customers Gets section. Customers could, for instance, buy everything in your store and get a 50% discount on one item, but they could only do this once per order.

the customer eligibility in Step 8

You can easily set the discount to be offered to customers, specific groups of people, or an individual in the Customer Eligibility section.

The Usage Limits in Step 9

The restriction for this coupon can be adjusted in the Usage limits section. With Shopify, you can specify how many times a coupon can be used before restricting it to a specific consumer. For example, you permit your clients to apply this voucher 10 times by numerous people.

Set the dates in Step 10

As you can see, there are dates that indicate the validity of the discount. Your customers won't lose their validity if you don't save the date.

Step 11: Look over the Summary on the left.

You can review the Summary at this stage, which is on the left. When everything has been changed as necessary, select the Save Discount button at the bottom or click the Save button at the top to save your changes. Read more information: How to Do Buy One Get One Free Shopify

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