How to Draw A Baby Dragon

How to Draw A Baby Dragon
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How to Draw A Baby Dragon. Dragons feature in many mythologies, legends, and folk tales. They are usually depicted as creepy and scary monsters, but in some depictions, they can also be cute! They can be adorable when dealing with a baby dragon, and that's what we'll talk about now.

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Drawing a baby dragon can be a great way to create your depiction of a cute dragon! If this sounds like something you'd like to learn, read it to the end. At the end of this tutorial, not only will you be able to draw a cute dragon, but you will also be able to add your details and variations.

How to Draw A Baby Dragon

Step 1

We'll start this baby dragon drawing guide by removing this cute baby's face. To create this, we will first draw some big and beautiful eyes for this dragon. Start by drawing a circular shape for the right look. So to remove the pupil of the eye, let's add an oval shape with some lines around it. The second eye will be much thinner due to perspective but will follow a similar structure.

So you can draw a snout for the dragon with some curved lines and remove some on the eyes to add some expression. Finally, add a rounded top of the head with some curved tips as they appear in our reference image.

Step 2

As we continue with this baby dragon design, we will finish the outline for the head and start the back. First, use more curved lines for the bottom of the snout and then add two points for the nostrils.

So we can go backwards. It can start by drawing tiny wings on the back and adding small spikes between them.

Step 3

In this third step of our how to draw a baby dragon guide, you'll continue with the dragon's back and tail. We're going to keep it simple enough in this step! First, draw a curved line for the baby dragon's thigh on the right side.

We'll then draw more spikes along the dragon's back, but we won't be removing any outlines for this area for now. Try placing these tips as they appear in our reference image!

Step 4

You've got the tips for the baby dragon design's back and tail, and now we can finish the outline around them. Use some curved lines to outline the ground around the row of spikes that make up the tail.

The tail also has a shape similar to a curved arrowhead at the end. Finally, finish with more curved lines to create the other hip for the baby dragon. Then in the next step, you are ready for some final details!

Step 5

In this fifth step of our how to draw a baby dragon guide, you'll add some simple but effective details to finish the whole thing. These details mainly include some scales to make this cute dragon more reptilian. As shown in our reference image, you can draw these scales with a few small circles and small curved lines running close together across the dragon's body.

Draw A Baby Dragon

Once these have been drawn, you can add some details! Maybe you could remove a background to show where this dragon is. They might even gather some simple information, like the smoke from its nostrils, to remind us that this is a fire-breathing dragon!

Step 6

When colouring our sample image for this baby dragon design, we used a grey colour scheme to make things a little more muted. To balance this out, we used a nice bright red for the pupils of the eyes. It is one approach to colouring that you could take, but you have a lot of freedom with colour!

Baby Dragon Drawing

Some people like to depict dragons in bright colours, while others also want to keep the colours more muted to make them look like real reptiles. What course of action are you planning? Make sure you also have fun with the art media and tools you use to finish the painting, as you can get some unique colours by experimenting!

Your Baby Dragon Drawing is Finished!

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