How to Fix HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issue?

How to Fix HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issue?
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Resolve HP Laptop Touchpad Issue

When your HP laptop touchpad stops working, it can be very frustrating. However, you can fix HP laptop touchpad not working issue quickly and simply! Incompatible, outdated, or corrupted touchpad drivers, corrupt system files, physically disabled touchpad; incorrect configuration, etc. are some of the common causes of this issue.

How to Fix the Touchpad Not Working Issue on an HP Laptop

Is your HP Laptop Frozen?

Your laptop may be locked up if the HP Laptop Touchpad stops working. In this case, the touchpad and keyboard will not function at all.

1.  To verify this, open the Security panel by pressing the Windows key and then Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

2.  Wait and observe what your computer is processing if nothing changes.

3.  Press and hold the Power button to switch off your HP laptop if it's still frozen after a few minutes.

4.  Turn on your HP laptop to diagnose the problem.

Enabling the HP Laptop's Touchpad Service

If the touchpad on your HP laptop is deactivated, it may also stop functioning. Thus, simply turning on the touchpad on your HP laptop, you can inspect and repair it.

Touchpad can be enabled by clicking the dot in the upper left corner. Double tapping on the dot, which is often located in the upper left corner of the touchpad window, will activate the touchpad.

Enable the Touchpad via Settings

  On the keyboard, simultaneously press the Window and X keys.

  Upon receiving a pop-up menu prompt, select the Settings option.

  Navigate to the Devices area.

  Select Additional mouse settings after selecting Mouse & touchpad.

  Choose the Device Settings, Hardware, or Touchpad tab and turn on the Touchpad.

  Check the touchpad after restarting your HP laptop.

Updating HP Laptop Touchpad Driver

The incompatibility, out datedness, or corruption of drivers can cause the HP laptop's touchpad to stop functioning. To resolve this problem, you can upgrade the touchpad on your HP laptop.

  Go to the HP website and get the most recent touchpad driver based on the model number of your HP laptop.

  Find the touchpad driver package that you downloaded.

  Double-click it, and if prompted, select the Run option.

  Use your HP laptop's on-screen directions to install the driver package.

How to Troubleshoot Hardware Issues

If the HP Laptop Touchpad is still not working, use the troubleshooting tool to instantly resolve hardware issues.

  Click the Start button.

  Go to the Troubleshooting area of the Control Panel after opening it.

  Click the Hardware and Sound option.

  Choose the Device and Hardware.

  Click the Next button and give the troubleshooting procedure some time to finish.

  To resolve the issues found, adhere to the on-screen directions.

  Try using the touchpad on your HP laptop after restarting it.

Solution 5: Clearing the Print Queue

Because stopped print jobs prohibit the printer from operating properly, a congested print queue may be the cause of the HP printer offline issue. This problem can frequently be fixed by clearing the print queue, which enables your printer to accept new print requests and come back online.

  Open your computer's Control Panel.

  Go to Printers and Devices.

  Select the HP printer icon with a right-click.

  Click on View What Prints.

  Select Printer from the pop-up box, and then select Cancel All Documents.

  Verify what you did.

  A test page should be printed.

Hopefully, the preceding methods will enable you to resolve the issue of your HP laptop's touchpad not working. If you need assistance addressing the HP Laptop Touchpad Not Responding Issue, please contact our team of qualified and experienced technicians for assistance. Please call us at (800) 673-8163.

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