How to Integrate EMS Into Your Traditional Strength Training Routine?

How to Integrate EMS Into Your Traditional Strength Training Routine?
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Whether you want to lose weight, build muscles, control diabetes or improve blood circulation, EMS training can help you achieve your goals. Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, can be integrated into your full-body, traditional workout to stimulate muscle fibres. Doing so makes the muscle tissues work more efficiently and helps strengthen, firm or tone your muscles.


Difference Between Fast Twitching And Slow Twitching Muscles


Most of the muscles in our body have two kinds of fibres, known as slow-twitch muscles and fast-twitch muscles. Slow twitch muscle fibres help in long-duration endurance activities such as marathons or other types of running. Fast-twitch muscle fibres help in quick movements like weightlifting.


If you want small but immediate energy shots, stimulate your fast twitch muscles. It is better to work on slow twitch muscles when looking for long-term strength and endurance. Working on both can benefit your round health and fitness.


How to Integrate EMS with Strength Training


There are many ways to integrate Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) into your conventional strength training routine. The main thing to remember is the time taken to regenerate muscles. If you combine the best EMS training in Kuwait with strength training, you can do up to two weekly training sessions. Since fast twitch muscle fibres need about 48 hours to regenerate, you can opt for workouts like cardio training, swimming, jogging or bike riding with an ems suit.


There are three major areas in EMS that you can combine with traditional training:


  • Resistance routines
  • Cardiorespiratory fitness routines
  • Strength endurance routines


When to Use EMS Training?


Even if you are a gym expert, you can opt for EMS. EMS technology works as a secondary nervous system. It works on those deep muscles that do not have a strong connection with your brain and ones not awakened by regular strength training. It directly stimulates those muscles with low-strength electrical impulses and trains almost 100% of your body’s musculature.


Start by choosing a muscle group and train without electrical impulses. When you burn out, use the electric muscle stimulation suit on your trained muscles. You will use all the stored energy left in your muscles.


Reap Extra Benefits From Cardio With Electric Muscle Stimulation Training


Cardio exercises help oxygen-rich blood reach your muscles during physical activities. Cardio predicts your overall health. In addition to helping you lose weight and reduce mental stress, cardio, combined with EMS, also upgrades your quality of everyday life.


Electrical stimulation enhances the muscle pump function and regulates even respiration during workouts. It also improves the metabolic rate during a workout and eliminates unnecessary fat cells. EMS also removes cellulitis by strengthening the connective tissues and gives you smooth skin.



For those looking for recovery, pain reduction, improving muscle strength, or weight loss, the EMS suit is a great way to achieve these goals. It strengthens your body and improves your overall quality of life. All you need to do is search for the best EMS training in Kuwait and integrate it with strength training exercises to reap exclusive benefits.

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