How To Make A Coffee Shop Design

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1. Positioning The Storefront Style

coffee shop store design

Most of the cafes are decorated in an industrial style. The industrial-style decoration is simple, low cost, simple color matching, short decoration period, and simple follow-up maintenance. Different from chain coffee brands, small coffee shops need to make features and styles, and it is difficult to establish a personal brand.

2. Store Space Selection

coffee store design ideas

If it is a small store of less than 30 square meters, then you need to consider lighting and the choice of apartment type to minimize the waste of space; all the storefronts are floor-to-ceiling glass, the surface width is greater than the depth, the lighting and sense of space are good, and the space needs to be open.

3. The Number Of Customers In The Store

design coffee store

The seating arrangement of the coffee shop should be tighter. There should be high stools with bar counters, wall-mounted booths with small movable tables, and comfortable sofas with long tables. And there is space between tables and chairs.

4. Furniture

coffee store ideas

In addition to the bar, the entire store should give priority to chairs. Most of the people who come to drink coffee are to enjoy a moment of leisure time. They can sit and rest without sitting for a long time. Chairs that are uncomfortable for prolonged sitting, such as benches, high chairs, and single chairs. Choose a table for two people; it is convenient if there are more people to join the table. There can be sofas, but not many. The maximum diameter of the round table is 30-50, and the maximum length of the rectangular table is also 50. Bar area: seating area = 1:4 is a more reasonable ratio.

5. Light Source

coffee shop design

What a small coffee shop wants to create is not “darkness” and a “sense of oppression” but a “sense of openness,” enlarging the space, bright colors, transparent floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and clean white space. A warm yellow light source would be a better choice.

6. Bar Counter

coffee shop ideas

There are two different design concepts: 1. Reduce the height of the bar and reduce the sense of space pressure. 2. Raise the bar to 1.1 meters, and add high stools to provide a space for customers who love pour-over coffee to stand and drink coffee. Customers who stand drinking coffee like to chat with the barista and leave, and the width of the table is 30cm.

7. Overall Color Design

coffee shop design ideas

Japanese retro mostly adopts the style of Muji, white + wood color, which can enlarge the sense of space. American retro uses dark gray + brown, rustic texture, and simple texture and furniture in brown and orange tones look advanced in warmth.

8. Smell

How To Make A Coffee Shop Design

The coffee shop has a very mellow coffee aroma, and customers have different feelings about the smell. The aroma of eating bread can be used to mask and soften the taste of coffee.

9. Store Planning

How To Make A Coffee Shop Design

The storefront is the key point, which can “induce” the flow of people into the store. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the viewing angle and light, then consider the position of the bar, and put people’s activities in front of the store to become an attractive location, which will induce people to flow into the store to drink coffee. Large areas of glass walls should consider whether there is direct sunlight. If it is direct sunlight, the glass will reflect light.

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