How to make coffee crema

How to make coffee crema
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Just like a king is only complete with his crown, coffee is complete with creamy and fruity foam on top, but if you need to know what coffee crema is, let me tell you.

  • What is Crema on coffee?

'Crema' is like foam on coffee. That is, the biscuit-colored foam-like layer on the surface of the Expresso is called Crema. Crema adds life to your coffee, and not to mention the taste, the taste of coffee becomes even more delicious with Crema.

A delicious and frothy crema makes your Expresso delicious. Coffee and Crema are as incomplete without each other as Jerry is incomplete without Tom and tea without milk!

  • What is coffee crema?

Espresso coffee is excellent.

And our coffee is only worthwhile once we put Crema on it. The Crema on top of our coffee is like a crown. The word 'crema' means 'cream' in Italian because the foamy layer on the coffee is very creamy and puffy, and that's why the coffee tastes creamy. And that's why we call it coffee crema.

  • What does coffee crema taste like?

Now I will tell you something that will shake you thoroughly. Now let's hold your heart and bring your mind.

The Crema doesn't taste good at all. You've never heard me say that coffee tastes terrible, but when I said that, I meant that Crema doesn't taste good at all without coffee alone.

This is why we only enjoy it once we mix the Crema into the coffee and sip it.

Coffee without Crema has a sweet taste; when the cream is added, it is slightly bitter on the tongue and gives pleasure. Some people will say this is wrong, but for your information, let me tell you that this is the truth.

Crema comes into our coffee, but we need to know where it comes from or how?

So the answer is that coffee contains carbon dioxide caused by heating the coffee beans. And continuous heating creates Crema. And that's your coffee crema. Crema is formed due to the continuous heating of coffee after adding water.

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