How to Nurture Healthy Relationships

How to Nurture Healthy Relationships
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16 November 2023

Humans are social animals, therefore, relationships play a major role in every phase of our lives. The very being of our existence depends on the bonds we make to sail through the boat of life. 

Oftentimes, it becomes a challenge to support each other in these closely knit bonds, where factors like low tolerance to discomfort, perspective clashes, poor work-life balance make the situation even worse. Any relationship requires commitment and active involvement for a better change, let's dive in to some aspects that can contribute in saving your special bonds:

Communication: Any relationship, whether romantic or blood related or friendships, if left to survive on its own fails miserably in the longer run. Make sure to clear any misunderstandings that might be the mole in the story. 

Make Efforts: Every relationship requires some effort whatsoever. Learn to look for areas where you can contribute to strengthen your relationship with the other person. Remember, time isn't an independent factor that can save your bonds alone. 

Keep Your Ego Aside: It's easy to get swayed in the heat of the moment and lash out on the other person when you feel defensive, but this repeated behavior will only work in pulling you even far from the people you love. Learn to come back and settle things once you feel clear in your head. 

Embrace Your Mistakes: Sometimes, we are covered with different perspectives about ourselves which blinds us from looking beyond our needs and expectations. It's natural to feel defensive and want to prove one's point in front of the other. But if you're the one doing all the talking and explaining, your loved one might go silent over a period of time which is a real deal-breaker in any relationship. Give them equal chances and accept your mistakes wherever required.

You can take help from a family counselor or a relationship therapist (Mansi Pareek) in case things start going beyond your control. Remember, relationships are like flowers in the garden of life, they are what makes your life beautiful, colorful, and joyful. 

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