How to Prepare for Amazon Software Development Engineering Interview?

How to Prepare for Amazon Software Development Engineering Interview?
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We all know how rapidly Technology is advancing. Alongside this, software engineering is becoming increasingly popular and competitive. 

On the other hand, even if software engineers are in demand, most of them want to get into big tech companies like Amazon. Truth be told, it is easy to be noticed, but the interview is the most significant task

On the other hand, these days, Amazon has been filtering out applications to have only a limited number of candidates for face-to-face interviews. 

If you’ve applied at Amazon, you’d probably know about the Amazon online assessment test, as it will be your first step to the main technical round. 

To help you pass this first round and proceed to the following levels, we have garnered some tips and sample coding questions for practice and better understanding. 

What is the Amazon online assessment test?

These days, Amazon employs online tests to screen every applicant, whether an amateur or professional. Usually, the test will consist of three categories, namely, 

  • Debugging: You will be given seven questions to finish within 20 mins. These questions will have a snippet of code that should fix the given questions.
  • Coding: You will be given two questions to solve within 30 minutes each. However, if the first code is compiled and run, you can only move to the second question.
  • Work Simulation: Your logical reasoning and behaviour will be assessed with a set of questions and a video. 

After passing the amazon online assessment test, you will move on to the telephone interview, the technical round, and the HR interview. 

Expert tips to prepare for Amazon online tests

Amazon tests have different questions ranging from programming methods, series coding, competitive programming, and basic DSA questions. Whatever it may be, with enormous practice, you can win them all. Here are some tips that will get you started with excellent preparation. 

Pick a programming language

Amazon online assessment test allows candidates to choose a programming language to proceed with the code question. You will be presented with Java, C++, Python and such options, so pick the one you’re confident about.

Before that, improve your knowledge of a particular language. For example, start familiarising this language if you choose C++ in the upcoming interview. 

Every day I learn a new concept in C++, practise coding questions related to it, and remember all the syntax, rules and other aspects. Once you’re confident in this language, you can compile the code on the actual day of the test. 

Our pro tip would be not to choose low-level languages like C, for you won’t have enough data structures to do the program. Always choose high-functioning languages like Python because its advantages and adaptability are broader. 

Practise difficult to easy questions

When you start practising coding, do not choose the easy questions first; instead, always incorporate complex problems. You will see your weaknesses and strengths more clearly when you work out challenging problems. 

Additionally, through this, you will start learning new coding strategies, series coding and other competitive aspects. Even on the actual test day, always do the difficult questions first and then finish the easy ones, so your time will also be saved.

Learn Data Structure and Algorithms

Data structures and algorithms are the heart of programming, and their concepts are vast. Day by day, so much new information regarding DSA keeps coming in, so constantly be updated with them. Be strong in DSA basics like arrays, strings, binary trees, graphs and such so that you can answer questions related to them flawlessly in the online test. 

Online books, hard copies and other materials are available with DSA hacks, cheats and additional tips. Your coding foundation will be substantial if you read them and learn. Most importantly, learning about time and space complexity because a code with less memory space will run quickly. Hence, you won’t waste time and memory.

Online Courses and Discussion Forums

With the help of online courses, you will be introduced to professionals giving out their secret tips and hacks. These courses are free and paid; however, the paid ones offer more benefits. Your skills will be tested by the tests which the professionals give.

On the other hand, you can also join online coder forums where fellow programmers will regularly discuss coding. You can learn so much about recent trends and seek help whenever you need it. 

Mock interviews/tests

The best way to prepare for a test is by attending a few mock tests. There are free online tests and interviews that you can follow and check your score. In this way, you can spot your coding skills and improve them. Moreover, these mock coding tests also come with solutions, so you can learn from them when you have doubts.

Sample coding questions to learn

Now that we have looked at the tips, here are some sample coding questions to help you learn. The below questions can be asked as MCQs as well.

Explain how to get matching elements in an integer array.

Firstly, take the array and declare it. Then take a couple of loops, nest them and compare the digits within the array. Then if the matching elements come as a result, print them.

Explain implementing insertion sort

Keep the first value of the array as the one that needs to be sorted. Moving on, keep the second value store separately. This denotes that the first two values have been sorted. Then, take the third value and compare it with the leftover values. The process will keep going until all the values are finally sorted. 

Reverse a linked list

First, take the linked list and declare it. Inculcate the elements into the list, then apply the descending iterator. This will reverse the list. 

Describe class and inheritance

Class is the entity that acts as a blueprint for creating the object. Inheritance refers to the ability of the objects to derive the properties of their parent class. 

Winding up

Attending the amazon online assessment test can be nerve-wracking, but it isn’t impossible. You can easily pass it with a good amount of practice and comprehensive insight into coding. We wish you the best of luck with your test!


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