How to Prevent Spamming on Cpanel server

How to Prevent Spamming on Cpanel server
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Working your system with the backend support of quality Cpanel server management means that your server system will be in safe hands.  Without being threatened by spamming and other technological invasions, you can enjoy a safe environment every day.

Some of the ways you can work on this service are listed below:

Enable BoxTrapper

In terms of efficiency and ease of use, this technique may be hard to beat for blocking spam emails before they even reach your inbox.
You should train Spam Assassin to recognize more spam. This approach calls for user input and specialized configuration by the system administrator. As a result, you'll need to show the end user how to educate Spam Assassin about the spam they're experiencing. This additional work, however, greatly aids in the detection of spam communications that employ more sophisticated methods of evading the widely-used SpamAssassin spam filters.

Delete texts that are too large.

It is possible to set up your server monitoring service to automatically delete messages larger than a specific size if you discover that this is the case for the bulk of the troublesome spam you are receiving.

Worldwide SpamAssassin Rule Evaluations

The following points describe how to modify the server-wide spam filter settings if you discover that some spam messages are slipping through despite your best efforts to block them.
Per-account rule weight adjustments allow you to fine-tune SpamAssassin's spam detection and blocking capabilities. If you only have one cPanel account experiencing spam and do not wish to modify the SpamAssassin rule's priority for the existing server, you can follow the steps below. In order to make SpamAssassin work better for your server, step six is to install a custom rule set. If you come across a custom SpamAssassin rule set that resolves a specific spam issue, you can select to install it.
 How to Prevent Spamming on Cpanel server
Build your own SpamAssassin rule set
It is feasible to create your own custom filters for SpamAssassin. But if you get the technical expertise of Cpanel server management via an expert team, the results will be amplified. Please be aware that cPanel does not offer assistance with the development, deployment, operation, or upkeep of custom rule sets.
Tweak the minimum score required by SpamAssassin to label a message as spam on your server.
This tutorial will help you adjust your server's SpamAssassin score threshold if you notice that all legitimate email on the server has a score significantly below the current default, and some spam messages also have a score much lower than the existing default. Setting the score less than the default, however, will result in false positives (i.e., real messages being flagged as spam). If you have trained SpamAssassin extensively using Method 2, lowering this value is usually only advisable if all legitimate email scores are very low.
Customize the minimum SpamAssassin score per account to identify a message as spam. Similar to option 8 earlier, but only applies to one specific account.
Server-wide message filtering by subject
If spam emails are getting through to your inbox and you see a trend in the subjects they employ, you may prevent this across the board by following this guide's instructions on how to block email subjects.
Sort incoming emails by country before opening it
You can use this manual to prevent spam from a particular country if you discover that your customers are not located there.
Avoid receiving emails from a certain sender by blocking their domain
It is possible to prevent excessive traffic to your server by blocking the IP addresses or domain names of the senders.
The options are many and if you are just starting a business let this not overwhelm you. Start by talking to the server management experts and choosing the best solution that you can manage.

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