How to Ride a Horse In Minecraft

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28 September 2022

You can train a horse by giving it fruits and vegetables. Then, you can mount the horse using one hand. Equipped the horse with a saddle to control the horse's movements. Then use the Sneak button to detach.

You can breed horses by giving them Golden Apples or Golden Carrots. NEWSFORDUMMIES Then, feed your baby horses to aid in their growth.

This article explains how to ride a horse in Minecraft. The instructions are applicable to Minecraft for all platforms including Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.

How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft

Follow these steps to train and ride the horse in Minecraft:

Find a Saddle or Horse Armor. These items can be found inside Chests in dungeons or Nether Fortresses. They can also be found in fishing.

Find horses. They are often seen out on plains or in savannas.

Feed the horse to tame it. Keep giving it food until hearts appear above the head of the horse.

It is possible but it is difficult. If you are able to do it enough times, you may eventually be able to mount it.

Choose the horse with one hand. You will mount the horse, but you won't be able to control the horse's movements.

Place a Saddle (or Horse Armor) on the horse. Open your inventory and drag the Saddle into the appropriate box beside your horse.

Ride your horse. To get off simply press the Sneak button. This button is different based on the platform you are using:

PC: Press the left Shift key.

Xbox: Use the right joystick

PlayStation Playstation joystick

Nintendo Use the correct joystick

Mobile: Tap the center button twice

If you hold the jump button the blue/green bar beneath your health will begin to fill up. To jump let the button go off before the bar is depleted.

What do horses eat in Minecraft?

To train the horse in Minecraft feed them any of the following items:

- Apples

- Bread


- Golden Apples

- Golden Carrots

- Sugar

- Wheat

Horse Breeding in Minecraft

After you've tamed your horses, put a fence around them. Give each horse the gift of a Golden Apple and Golden Carrot. If you're lucky, hearts will appear above their heads and you'll soon have a little colt. To make your baby horse grow into an adult, feed it. Give it at least five minutes before trying to breed your horses again.

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