How to Setup Coredy WiFi Extender?

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If you are having trouble streaming content, playing games, or performing office tasks, bring home the brand-new Coredy wifi extender Setup device. The Coredy wifi extender setup improves the actual wifi signal as well as your signal strength. The Coredy wifi Extender is a technological advancement that strengthens and extends your wifi network to your home's dead spots. The data is used to receive the signal and repeat it to the other areas of your home.

Coredy E300 WiFi extender setup

The data generating device sends the signal, which is then received and repeated to the other areas of your home (router, mobile, or computer). The Coredy extender has multi-function technology and can function as an extender, router, or access point. The extender is outfitted with cutting-edge technology that enables seamless connectivity even in the dead spots in your home.

Coredy wifi Extender Manual Setup

Follow these steps for Coredy wifi extender Setup through manual method: 

  • Your computer or mobile device's wi-fi network manager should be open. By default, search for the extension name "Coredy."
  • Choose that extender's name, then enter the network password.
  • The extender's back panel has a printout of the password.
  • Enter the IP address in the top address bar of the web browser that is open on your device.
  • If necessary, log in to the admin page by using the username and password "admin".
  • In the setup wizard, choose the repeater option.
  • After pressing Apply, wait a short while before restarting the extender.
  • Connect to the extended network by looking it up. The password you used to connect to the extender must be used again.
  • 'Coredy Ext' is the new name of the expanded wifi network by default.
  • To choose the network to be extended, click the select button. 
  • Put in the room's current network pin or password.

How to configure Coredy WiFi Extender via WPS?

Follow these steps for Coredy wifi extender Setup using WPS button :

  • On the extender's front panel, press the WPS button. (The WPS-led will blink once it has been turned on.
  • Press the WPS button on the router or the access point after waiting a couple of minutes.
  • The network name will change automatically to "Coredy Ext" following a successful connection. Additionally, the WLAN-1 LED will also turn amber.
  • Verify connectivity using a computer or wifi gadget.
  • Move the extender halfway along the extension after unplugging it.
  • Router/access point, dead spots, and weak spots in your home or office.
  • Place the extension in a higher, elevated location with the fewest possible obstructions, such as walls and windows.

Coredy wifi Extender setup via AP.setup

  • The Coredy wifi extender setup allows you to use it as an access point for data transmission in your home or office.
  • An access point is a piece of networking hardware that allows one or more wireless devices to connect to a wired network.
  • It connects to wired switches, hubs, and routers via Ethernet and emits a wireless local area network at a predetermined location (WLAN, wifi).

How to configure the Coredy extender as an access point?

  • By pressing the On/Off button, turn on the access point. Modify the access point mode.
  • The mode switch is located on the side of the extender/repeater.
  • Connect an access point to an electrical switch.
  • Connecting the access point to the wired port with the ethernet cable that came with the access point/extender.
  • Open the wifi manager on your computer or device and look for the Coredy access point network name.
  • Select the connection option and enter the username, password, or PIN number on the AP label's back panel. (If necessary)
  • In the address bar of your device or computer's web browser, type ap.setup admin or
  • Select the access point option in the Mode Wizard.
  • Select mixed WPA2 / WPA security and enter the security password or pin in the key field.
  • Click Apply and wait a minute for the access point to reboot.
  • Find and join your computer or device's new wifi network.

Coredy wifi extender setup as a router mode

  • Prepare a modem and unplug it from the power source. (If it has a backup battery, remove it).
  • Connect the modem's cable to the blue WAN port on the Coredy router. Insert the battery into the modem.
  • Switch the Coredy router/extender on by pressing the on/off button. From the mode change menu, select Coredy e300 router.
  • (The mode switch is located on the router's side panel).
  • Connect an ethernet cable to a device or computer, or connect to a wifi network.
  • Open your preferred web browser on your computer or device and type in the address bar ap.setup or
  • If prompted, enter your username and password (both are admin in lowercase).
  • On the mode wizard, select coredy router.

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