How to Succeed in Drop shipping?

How to Succeed in Drop shipping?

Here you are at the dawn of a promising new adventure. You really want to get started, but you don't know how to succeed in drop shipping? Here is a step-by-step method that will allow you to generate a good turnover thanks to your e-commerce site. Discover the prerequisites for creating your online store. Learn what are the points not to be missed during its construction. Finally, discover the strategies that will increase your notoriety and obtain many customers. You are ready to sell well thanks to drop shipping? Follow the leader! 

Solid foundations for success in drop shipping 

Do a market study

To break into drop shipping, you have to start by choosing the items you want to sell online. Please note: some markets are saturated. It is therefore necessary to be well informed to find products with high potential, that is to say those for which there is demand, but few offers. Let's talk about the offer! It is essential to analyze the competition in order to stand out. By noting the strengths and weaknesses of other players on the market, you will find the niche that will make your e-store unique! This is an essential condition for becoming profitable and achieving success.

Identify a target

Identifying your target will allow you to guide your entire business strategy. For this you can draw up a typical profile of your different customers: this is called the “buyer persona”. Used in marketing, this technique increases the potential for conversion (from prospect to customer) thanks to precise knowledge of your targets. For example, you can determine their age group, their standard of living, their family situation, etc. This will then allow you to adapt your speech to meet the expectations of your future customers.

Define the visual identity of the site

In the sale, the aesthetic aspect has a significant value. Being an e-shop, this aspect translates into the design chosen for your website. With your buyer persona as a basis for reflection, you must therefore define all the elements that will make up your graphic charter: the colors of the site, the typography, the logo, etc. These will create a visual identity specific to your company and will allow your customers and prospects to recognize and remember it. It is a necessary component to your success.

The essential points to build an e-commerce

Getting started with drop shipping platforms

Drop shipping platforms, such as Shopify or Dropwise, are great for making money. They allow you to create a sales site for an online store for a monthly subscription. It's an easy, fast and accessible solution to start your business without taking any risks! Note that once your e-commerce is working well, you can call on a web designer to design a completely personalized custom site for you.


Choose your suppliers

Choosing your suppliers seriously and ensuring their reliability is essential. And for good reason, your credibility depends on it. You can find wholesalers on the internet or by approaching companies directly. For example, be aware that many owners of online businesses obtain their supplies from marketplaces such as AliExpress, Alibaba, Amazon or Discounter.

Write product descriptions carefully 

Once your e-shop has been created and your suppliers have been chosen, it is time to put your products online. In order to attract and put the customer in confidence, take care of the drafting of the description sheets of the items offered. Succeeding in drop shipping requires that each listing be unique and make your potential customers want to buy. To create attractive product sheets, you can completely delegate this work to specialist ghostwriters for hire. This is a trick that will save you valuable time!

Techniques to sell well with drop shipping

Consider the “about” page

Dedicated to your presentation and/or that of your company, the “about” page is essential: more than 50% of Internet users visit it! It allows both to satisfy the curiosity of your prospects and to reassure them. It weaves bonds of trust, elements necessary for any act of purchase. But be careful, to increase the visibility of your e-commerce site, this page (and all the others) must comply with the rules of natural referencing. If this is not part of your skills, you can hire an SEO web editor.

Keep a business blog

Blogging is an effective way to increase your e-commerce sales. If you sell scarves, for example, you can write an article entitled "how to dress well in winter?" » and insert a link to your store. Any Internet user who writes a query such as "dressing in winter" in Google will be able to land on your site and perhaps fall for one of the models you offer online. A blog, however, requires work and a mastery of natural referencing. Why not entrust the management to an SEO expert web editor? 

Use social networks

Social networks have become essential when it comes to promoting a business. These are ideal spaces to develop your notoriety. Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest (and many others), you can attract many visitors. By developing the appropriate strategy for each network, you will increase the traffic of your e-commerce site. In this way:

  • you will get a place of choice on the front of the stage;
  • you will increase your number of prospects (and therefore customers);
  • you will boost your sales.

We have just covered together the essential steps to succeed in drop shipping. Patience, work and rigor will be your key words to get off to a good start and ensure your long-term success. By following this technique step by step, e-commerce will have no more secrets for you. Do you want to multiply your chances? Discover more ways to increase your online sales!

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