How To Teach Children About Personal Safety?

How To Teach Children About Personal Safety?
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As parents or caregivers, we are responsible for providing our kids with safety and protection. However, we must educate them on how to protect themselves as well.

It is impossible to surveil our children 24/7 in order to prevent them from any danger or unforeseen circumstances. Children need to learn how to take care of themselves in their guardian’s absence and even when they are present. This contributes to their independence and is very beneficial for their adult life.

Why is personal safety important?

Personal safety awareness prevents a child from entering unsafe situations, demonstrates how to react in a crisis, and boosts confidence and resilience. It also educates them about their rights and especially the right to say no or decline an offer.

Here are some personal safety basics you need to teach your little one:

Never Go Anywhere With a Stranger

Children’s willingness to believe anything they are told is the first thing used against them. Tell your kids they shouldn’t interact with a stranger in the absence of their parents. Tell them what they can do in such a situation by role-playing. Tell them if the stranger insists on going with them or uses force, they should run away, shout, and make noise to attract attention.  

Do Not Play With Fire

Teach your kid that playing or experimenting with fire is completely off-limits, and they should not be interacting with anything flammable in the parent’s absence. If your children can cook, make sure they do so in your presence.

Safe Swimming

Make sure you teach your kids about water safety while swimming and safety equipment like life jackets, floaters, etc. Never allow your children to swim alone.

Some Effective Ways to Teach Personal Safety:

House Address and Contact Info

Make sure your child knows the house address, your phone numbers, and your full names in case of any emergency. They should be able to share your contact number, address, or any nearby landmark if a police officer asks. Help your child memorize this info; a backup phone number of an aunt or grandparent should also be included, just in case.


Keep reinforcing these safety precautions by reminding them never to talk or take anything from a stranger. If something feels off or unsafe, they should directly approach you. Reminders will help instill these safety measures. Ask them to repeat what you taught them to ensure they comprehended it well.

The Gist

A kid’s safety is a parent’s utmost priority, and ensuring your kid knows how to stay safe is also a parental responsibility. Though the gravity of the matter is serious, finding fun ways to teach such values is essential for a child’s well-being. SAFETY DOG and the Adventures of Emma & Ethan is the perfect conversation starter about children’s safety. Grab your copy of the book from Amazon today.

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