How to understand that a woman is free?

How to understand that a woman is free?

How great it would be if the girls carried signs with them that indicated their marital status (married / free). But, alas. And today there is only one guideline that allows gentlemen to understand whether the young lady they like is legally married or not. However, in our time, many beauties prefer to just meet guys or live in a civil marriage.

How can you understand if your charming work colleague has a spouse, and whether she will be able to accept your offer to dine at a restaurant? But it also happens that a girl who agreed to a date is already in a relationship.

Below are a few secrets on how to determine the marital status of a young lady you like. There are a number of questions that only a single lady can ask. And for you it will be a kind of signal to action. By the way, you can find single women dating, who are single at the GoDateNow official website. This is a fairly popular and secure site.

The first thing that girls who do not have a second half are interested in is the seriousness of a man’s intentions. Modern guys usually prefer free, non-binding relationships. But the fair sex has a very developed sense of ownership. And they are looking for a serious relationship. Therefore, when meeting a new gentleman, a girl tries to get the maximum amount of information.

The young lady can carefully, “probing the ground”, ask the potential groom about his ex-girlfriend, the reason for breaking off relations with her and the duration of the last romance. Be sure: she will remember all your answers, “process”, and then draw certain conclusions.

If the girl already has a boyfriend, but she hid it from you, then you will not hear the above questions from her. And your answers to such questions do not interest her at all.

Free ladies are also trying to get information about where the potential chosen one lives, whether he owns any real estate or shares living space with his parents. Thus, girls learn about the financial situation of men.

Most young beauties believe that by the age of 30 a guy should achieve financial success, buy a car, have his own apartment with a good repair.

But one should not think that all young ladies, without exception, have such requests. There are ladies who have enough of at least one of the above. Yet in the first place they have a serious relationship with the prospect of a wedding.

And here the probability of a mistake in choosing a life partner is high. After all, all issues related to finances are of interest not only to free, but also to married ladies. They simply view men as a "fallback" to switch from a less successful husband to a more successful one in a moment.

But if a young lady truly loves her chosen one, then she will not ask you any questions regarding her financial situation. The most that a lady in a relationship can ask is about your place of work.

There is another question that lonely beauties ask. It sounds like this: how do you feel about kids? And here the fair sex can be conditionally divided into 2 groups - those who want to become a mother, and those who are not enthusiastic about this idea. Further developments will depend on your answer.

Another topic that worries many girls is plans for the future. Is the potential groom going to develop a career plan or is he satisfied with everything. The young lady is interested in who and where her chosen one sees himself in 3-5 years. The answer will allow her to conclude what kind of man is in front of her - lazy or hardworking, able to dream or not wanting to even look into the near future.

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