How to use minecraft lead

How to use minecraft lead
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04 July 2023


In the vast and imaginative world of Minecraft, players have the opportunity to engage in countless adventures and explore boundless creativity. Among the many tools and items available, the lead is a versatile and valuable asset that often goes underutilized. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of using Minecraft lead, showcasing their functionality, and providing valuable tips and tricks to help you make the most of this underrated item.

Understanding Leads:

A Minecraft lead is an item that enables players to leash and lead various types of mobs in the game. By attaching a lead to a mob, you can guide and control their movement, ensuring they stay close and do not wander off. Leads can be used on a variety of creatures, including animals such as horses, pigs, and llamas, as well as certain hostile mobs like the enderman. With leads in your inventory, you open up a world of possibilities for transportation, organization, and even defense.

Crafting Leads:

Before diving into the practical applications of leads, let's first understand how to craft them. To create a lead, you will need the following materials:

  • 4 Strings: Strings can be obtained by killing spiders or by crafting them from cobwebs found in abandoned mineshafts. Each string is crucial in the lead's construction.

To craft a lead, arrange the four strings in a square formation on your crafting table. Once crafted, you will have a single lead at your disposal.

Using Leads for Animal Transportation:

One of the primary uses of leads in Minecraft is for transporting animals. Whether you're looking to relocate your farm animals, lead a horse to water, or guide your llama caravan across treacherous terrain, leads provide a practical solution. Here's how you can effectively use leads for animal transportation:

  1. Equipping the Lead:

    • Stand near the animal you wish to lead.
    • Right-click on the animal to attach the lead to it.
    • A leash will appear, indicating that the animal is now tethered.
  2. Leading the Animal:

    • Hold the lead in your hand.
    • Begin moving, and the animal will follow along.
    • If you need to change direction or guide the animal around obstacles, simply adjust your movement accordingly.
  3. Releasing the Lead:

    • To release the animal from the lead, right-click on the tied end of the lead or switch to a different item in your hand.

Using Leads for Mob Control and Defense:

Leads can also be employed to control and protect hostile mobs, providing an advantageous edge in combat situations. Although not all hostile mobs can be leashed, there are certain exceptions such as the enderman. Here's how you can utilize leads for mob control:

  1. Capturing Hostile Mobs:

    • Approach the enderman carefully, ensuring your crosshair is directly on the mob.
    • Right-click on the enderman to attach the lead.
    • The enderman will now be leashed and unable to teleport away, allowing you to control its movement.
  2. Creating Mob Defenses:

    • By leashing hostile mobs, you can create unique defensive structures.
    • For instance, you can tether an enderman near your base to fend off intruders or tie up a creeper to prevent it from detonating near your valuable constructions.

Additional Tips and Tricks:

To further enhance your understanding and utilization of Minecraft leads, consider the following tips:

  1. Duplicating Leads:

    • You can duplicate leads using a crafting table.
    • Combine one lead with one slimeball to craft two leads.
  2. Transporting Multiple Animals:

    • To lead multiple animals simultaneously, create a lead post by placing a fence post and attaching leads.
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