How to find and use Copper In Minecraft

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24 September 2022

Minecraft Copper is a metal resource that was added in the 1.17 update. You'll need to melt it's ore form to get usable Copper ingots for crafting. Copper ore can be found in a variety places depending on your Y-level. There are small, green and orange pieces emerging from blocky stony pieces. There are some things to be aware of Copper ore. It is oxidized and transforms into a bluish-green hue. You'll need to search for Copper in order to make a Spyglass or Lightning Rod. We've laid out everything you need to know about Minecraft Copper, including where you can mine for it, how to get Copper Ingots, and how to wax Copper.

How to Find Copper in Minecraft

You may want to consider purchasing Minecraft Amethyst Shards to go with your copper to make a Spyglass

Copper Ore is required to create Copper Ingots in Minecraft. The resource is created in the form of a Copper vein, meaning that you will typically find a number of Copper ore blocks grouped together. It is recommended to bring a Stone Pickaxe, or a pickaxe of a higher quality, because Copper Ore extracted with an instrument or other item isn't likely to drop any.

Copper Ore is spawned at the Y-levels 0 to 96, with a higher chance of being spawned in the middle layers (Y48). It is therefore recommended to begin looking for copper a little lower than sea level (Y63). If it occurs between layers Y0 and The Copper ore will be in the form of Deepslate Copper Ore. The latter has a higher degree of hardness than normal Copper Ore and takes longer to mine. Since it's also extremely uncommon, it's best to stick with the regular Copper Ore type. Dripstone cave biomes also contain large veins of Copper ore.

How do I get copper ingots in Minecraft

Mining Copper Ore won't give you Raw Copper. To make Minecraft Copper Ingots, you'll need to melt the raw material. MINECRAFT CRAFTING This is a straightforward process that most Minecraft players are familiar with. Simply place the Raw Copper in an oven and add fuel (wood or diesel). Make sure that your Copper Ingots have been created. Then you can begin to craft!

How to use copper in Minecraft

Now that we have our Copper Ingots, it's time for us to start crafting. These items can be made using copper ingots:

Copper block. To make a smooth, solid copper brick, make use of nine copper Ingots. Lightning Rod. To create a Lightning Rod, place three Copper Ingots over the other. Take a look at our separate guide to Minecraft lightning rods.

Spyglass. Place one Amethyst Shard on top of two Copper Ingots to craft a Spyglass.

How do you wax Copper in Minecraft

Similar to real life, Minecraft copper changes its color because of the process of oxidation. The above image shows the different stages of Copper Oxidation in Minecraft. If you do not want your copper to change color you can apply wax to it (this will keep the current color, not reset it). Simply attach a honeycomb to the block of copper.

Alternately, you could scrape the Copper block using an axe. This will lower the amount of oxidation by one (weathered copper will become exposed copper). Finally, while you can't really plan this lightning strikes will completely remove the oxidation.

Let's go back to those Caves & Cliffs to get a Minecraft Copper house!

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