ILoad Turbo: How To Boost Performance And Power

ILoad Turbo: How To Boost Performance And Power
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Are you looking for ways to enhance your vehicle's performance and power? Do you want your car to run like a racing champion? 

For individuals who prioritize maximizing their vehicle's capabilities, enhancing their car's performance can be a challenge. Upgrading your car with appropriate modifications can elevate it from a simple means of transportation to a remarkable machine that captures attention on the roads.

It provides various options to optimize your car's performance. These upgrades can improve acceleration, increase horsepower, and enhance the driving experience. This article will examine iLoad Turbo upgrades and their ability to deliver the ultimate driving experience, as well as provide information on the Hyundai iLoad turbo price.

Understanding the Performance Benefits

Boosting your vehicle's performance doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. With an iLoad turbo upgrade, you can experience the power and excitement of driving a high-performance machine without breaking the bank. Thanks to our slim hub technology, flow-calibrated in-house services and extended base tip design which will increase its performance. You can expect a smooth and responsive ride with improved fuel efficiency and increased torque throughout the rev range. 

Upgrading the Turbocharger

When it comes to upgrading your Hyundai iLoad, you can't go wrong with a turbocharger upgrade. Not only does it improve your vehicle's performance and reduce fuel consumption, but it also gives you the added benefit of increased torque throughout the rev range. 

Turbocharger diagnosing fitment log book servicing is also important to make it easy to keep track of all your turbocharger-related work, from installation to repairs and maintenance. The dealer’s workshop specialises in diagnosing fitment log books and has the right combination of base tip design and flow calibration to ensure that your new turbocharger is perfectly suited to your Hyundai iLoad or iMax. 

Upgrading Intercooler and Air Intake

When it comes to upgrading your Hyundai iLoad, you can't go wrong with an intercooler and air intake upgrade. Not only does this increase the power output of your vehicle by as much as 30%, but it also increases fuel economy and reduces emissions. 

The workshop specialises in installing slim hub technology intercoolers, balanced and air flow intakes, which are designed to maximize airflow while reducing turbulence and pressure drops. This ensures that your engine is getting the most out of the fuel being burned, making it not only more powerful but more efficient too. 

Tuning and Calibration to Maximize Power Gains

To get the most power from your Hyundai iLoad upgrade, tuning and calibration are crucial. Our workshop offers these services to optimize your vehicle's components. We'll tune your engine, suspension, exhaust, and turbocharger for maximum horsepower and torque. 

Regular log book servicing and suspension upgrades are crucial for maintaining a vehicle's health and performance. Early detection of potential issues during servicing prevents top 5 van engine problems and prolongs the vehicle's lifespan, reducing costly repairs and breakdown risks. Suspension upgrades and general services enhance handling, stability, and ride comfort, particularly for those who drive on rough terrain or carry heavy loads.

Our skilled technicians use advanced diagnostic equipment for accurate and precise results. Our tuning services also keep emissions under control while maximizing performance.

Maintenance Tips for Improved Performance

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your iLoad running at its peak performance. To ensure that your upgrade stays in top condition, here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

  • Change the engine oil every 5,000 miles or as suggested by the manufacturer and use quality products with the right viscosity rating.
  • Check the brakes regularly and replace any worn parts immediately to ensure optimal stopping power.
  • Inspect the turbocharger for signs of wear and tear and replace if necessary.
  • Monitor the air filter and spark plugs for signs of dirt buildup or clogging, replacing them when needed.
  • Keep an eye on suspension components like struts and shocks, replacing them when they show signs of excessive wear or damage.

The Hyundai iLoad turbo upgrade is an excellent way to boost your vehicle's performance and power. With quality parts and expert installation, you can get the most out of your upgrades and enjoy the enhanced performance for years to come.

Pros and cons of your Hyundai iLoad turbo upgrades 

The Hyundai iLoad is recognised for its dependability and usefulness, making it a favoured option for both entrepreneurs and households. Nevertheless, certain owners may desire greater speed and power from their automobiles. Enhancing the turbo can fulfil that desire, but it's crucial to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages prior to undertaking any adjustments.


  • Improved fuel economy due to improved engine performance
  • Improved power to the wheels, resulting in better acceleration and more pulling power
  • Reduced exhaust emissions due to increased efficiency
  • Reduced lag in power delivery, helping the driver get their desired response quicker.


  • Increased cost for parts and labour required for installing the turbo upgrade
  • Generates more heat which can lead to an increase in wear and tear on components if not managed with caution and proper maintenance.
  • Sophisticated computer management systems are needed to assure the essential proper functioning of the turbo system

Whether you're looking for better engine response, more efficient fuel economy, or just plain more power, the right turbo upgrade could be exactly what your iLoad needs. Don't forget that regular maintenance is essential to keep your upgrade running at peak performance—check brake pads, air filters, spark plugs, suspension components, and engine oil regularly for optimal performance.

And if you're looking to further upgrade your vehicle in the future, there are plenty of options available to make sure you stay on the cutting edge. With so many benefits available to you from an iLoad turbo upgrade, it's no wonder why so many people are making the switch!

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