Is the Turbo Shopify Theme Worth Your Money?

Is the Turbo Shopify Theme Worth Your Money?
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16 January 2023

The Turbo Shopify theme will be discussed in this article. I'll provide you with some useful feedback to consider.

Choosing the right Shopify theme for your website, like choosing a web host, requires careful consideration. There are many Shopify themes on the Shopify Theme Store, not to mention hundreds of third-party websites, so making the right choice can be difficult.

Rather than listing dozens of themes for your website, I will provide you with reviews of a professional and high-quality theme - the Turbo Shopify theme. It is a highly rated theme that exceeds all users' expectations. This allows you to consider its features and benefits before deciding whether or not to purchase it.

Turbo Shopify theme overview

Turbo is the ideal theme for building a website that outperforms your competitors. Because of its high configuration and eye-catching flexible design, it is proud to be able to appeal to your customers at first sight. Furthermore, Turbo's main strength is the optimization of both speed and mobile experience. We can see that this strength is extremely important because customers prefer the quick and convenient. Customer satisfaction will aid your online store's growth and reputation.

Turbo is an excellent choice for large catalog stores, particularly Shopify Plus merchants, because it can easily store and manage large quantities. It can, however, become a competitive advantage for any size store that does not want to sacrifice flexibility and style for performance.

When discussing Turbo, outstanding features such as predictive search (live), accelerated Quick View function, slide show and full-width banner with multiple action buttons, custom text and colors, multiple configurable page templates for more advanced layouts, extended style options for newsletter subscriptions, and video banner sections that support Vimeo, Youtube, and original MP4 videos must be mentioned. Apart from its widget, Turbo is regularly updated so that users can continue to benefit from its new feature without incurring any additional costs.

Now, let us proceed to the next section to appreciate the beauty and distinct features of each theme in the stunning Turbo Shopify theme collection.

Top features of Turbo Shopify theme

Predictive search has been a prominent and professional feature of the Turbo theme since version 3.0. Speaking of which, you will undoubtedly recognize how incredible this widget is. Right. When you use this feature, your customers will be able to quickly find exactly what they are looking for. This saves them time and improves the customer experience. It goes without saying that your customers will be swayed by your professionalism and convenience.


The Quick Shop feature is enabled in Sandbox Shopify themes, including Turbo Shopify. Users can use it to import items directly into their shopping cart from the collection page. They can, for example, easily check product details without having to open the product page.

Because of the Turbo's quick shop modal window, it is extremely useful when enabling advanced encryption to load content as needed to reduce page load time.


This feature is used on gallery pages for advanced filtering options and allows for custom colors for color properties. Customers particularly like this feature because it allows them to search for products by supplier, material, size, or color, among other criteria.


Advanced mega menu will allow you to combine many elements such as images, text, and menus into an infinite number of layout combinations. It's a good option for stores with large inventories. This function gives you access to different levels of websites. It also encourages your customers to see the product rather than read text, thanks to the ability to make navigation more intuitive. You can use this function to promote collections, featured items, and sales near your navigation menu in particular.


The Turbo theme includes extra templates that allow you to drag and drop the interface to create the desired page layout. For example, combine the About Us page with the advanced product page, or create a photo gallery. Additional sections may be added in any order you desire. This allows you to create an appealing page with almost no coding.


If you want to increase your sales, this function will assist you. It enables you to recommend other products to customers by displaying them in a different position on product pages and collections. This will assist customers in locating the product they seek and will significantly increase sales.


Minicart is a new type of cart available in the Turbo theme. This feature is extremely useful because it automatically opens and updates the mini cart whenever a customer adds a new product to their shopping cart. This allows customers to check out and browse your store at the same time. This collapsible feature keeps your site clean and clutter-free by allowing customers to see what they've added to their basket while still on the page.


This feature is useful because it encourages customers to return to your store's products. Customers can now browse for more options without having to reload the collection page, thanks to infinite scrolling or a "load more" button. They also give your website a cute and funny appearance.

The image quality of a product is an important aspect of its ability to sell. If your product has a beautiful and eye-catching image, your chances of selling it increase significantly. As a result, the Turbo theme includes a free library page with a drag-and-drop interface to help you create a stunning gallery page or lookbook.


You can use all of the integrated features of Turbo Theme without changing any code or settings. Furthermore, you can add a few features that you think are useful from themes other than the Sandbox (both free and paid) to your store. There's no need to be concerned about potential code clashes or the isolation of a separate application. These characteristics could include:

  • Display of product discounts

  • Shipping costs should be calculated automatically.

  • Size guide

  • the number of boxes (Turbo and Retina also include plus and minus buttons)

  • Banner and full-width slider

  • Banners for sale, new, pre-ordered, and upcoming

  • Check the "Agree to the Terms" box.

  • Products and showrooms

  • A collection of various sections

  • Return to stock form

  • Social networking

In a nutshell, you can add minor features using third-party applications or modify custom code for a higher one-time fee.

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