Importance of Kundli Matching in Wedding

Importance of Kundli Matching in Wedding
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Weddings in India are filled with a lot of traditions in addition to rituals. Even though there are a lot of traditions at a wedding, it begins with the kundli matching. Kundli matching is more like the decision-maker of the wedding. Because a wedding is decided based on the outcome of the kundli matching. 

There is a belief that Kundli matching could reveal the possible future of the bride and groom after the wedding. Based on the kundli matching results, the elders will decide on the wedding of the bride and groom. Let’s look at what kundli matching is and its importance in weddings. 

What is Kundli matching?

Kundli matching is the process of matching the horoscope of the bride and groom to check their compatibility. This is an important ritual that happens to be the beginning ceremony of a wedding. Based on the outcome of the kundli matching, they will decide upon the wedding. They use the horoscopes of the bride and groom to check whether their stars are in alignment or not.

If the stars are aligned, it is a belief that the couple will lead a healthy and happy wedding life. On the other hand, if the stars are not aligned, then they won’t get married. The kundli matching is done based on the birth date and name of the couple. But horoscope matching brings more accurate results compared to other methods. 

How Kundli matching is measured?

The outcome of the kundli matching is measured using points or gunas. They consider a total of eight kootas during the kundli matching. These eight kootas sum up to a total of 36 gunas or points. A potential couple with a guna of 18 or above can think about a wedding life. This is also known as ashtakoota matching. 

Any couple who has a guna below 18 should never think about getting married. Otherwise, they should check whether they are having any dosha at their wedding. If there is any dosha, then they should work on their wedding. Following are the eight kootas that are considered for kundli matching.

  • Varna
  • Vashya
  • Tara
  • Yoni
  • Gruha Maitri
  • Gana
  • Bhakoot
  • Nadi 

Importance of Kundli Matching in Wedding

Kundli matching holds an important place in the decision-making process of weddings in India. Following are the importance of kundli matching in weddings. 

Financial & Professional prospects

You must be financially good after your wedding to sustain the family. Because being financially stable helps you to avoid other problems in the wedding life. Astrology can help you understand your financial status after your wedding. If you found out if there is a good financial situation after the wedding, you can get married. 

If not, then you can prepare yourself for the worst. You can also understand career-related growth with the help of kundli matching. It is important to do the kundli matching before the wedding to understand the future. If there is any dosha in the kundli matching, then you can do pujas to nullify that. 

Compatibility Checking

Good compatibility is important for any successful and healthy wedding. Because without compatibility, it becomes hard for the couples to stay together for long. Kundli matching will help analyse the compatibility of the potential couples before the wedding. Because certain zodiac signs are more compatible with certain zodiac signs. 

For instance, things will be smooth between the water and earth zodiac signs. Meanwhile, things are never easy between the air and fire zodiac signs. So it is crucial to check the compatibility between the couples before the wedding. Because it will help you in making the right decision about your wedding. 

Cure for Dosha

People make mistakes by not doing the kundli matching before their wedding. Because most weddings come to end before they even start because of some dosha in their horoscopes. If they do the kundli matching before the wedding, the chances of getting to know about the dosha are high. 

This will help them to decide on their wedding. They can move ahead in their wedding preparations by doing pujas. On the other hand, they can also call off the wedding, if they don’t want to continue that. Even though the decision is up to the couple, it is better to know about certain things before the wedding. 

Apart from the things mentioned above, you can also get to know about many things with kundli matching. The following are the other important things you can get to know about after kundli matching. 

  • Finance
  • Spiritual compatibility
  • Mental compatibility
  • Offsprings
  • The health of the couples
  • Mutual understanding
  • Intimacy 

Nowadays, you can do the kundli matching through online kundli matching platforms available for free. Following are some of the best online kundli matching or horoscope matching platforms. 

  • Betterhalf
  • Astrotalk
  • Astrotogi
  • Astrosage
  • Click Astro
  • Jotiz
  • Astro-Vision
  • Maiterya
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