Secrets in Kundli: The Risks of Marrying Without Matching Horoscopes

Secrets in Kundli: The Risks of Marrying Without Matching Horoscopes
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Kundli matching is a very old custom that goes back thousands of years. Indians have been able to preserve the Kundli Milan ceremony despite modern ideas such as Destination weddings and Sustainable weddings, which have become popular.

Kundli matching is one of the many customs that give Indian weddings extra glitter and glamor. Two families have to finish Kundli Milan before deciding whether to proceed with a marriage proposal. The majority of weddings in India are arranged, therefore this guideline is particularly applicable to them. And when the bride and groom's Kundli match, the congratulations get all the glamor and one of the most amazing and thrilling times in their lives begins.

But what happens if two individual Kundlis fail to match? There's a huge storyline behind it, which we will discover in this blog. But before that let us have a brief look at kundli matching.

Understanding Kundli Matching

Kundli Matching or Kundali Milan, is a technique that ensures that two individuals who are planning on getting married are suitable with one another. The precise method for determining compatibility is to compare the positions of the celestial bodies at the time of the groom's and bride's births, as well as their current and future positions. This is similar to how the positions of planets affect an individual's qualities or traits.

Planetary positions can be either likely or unlikely. For example, if you choose to match the birth chart of two people and discover that Rahu is negatively positioned (Rahu Mahadasha) in that person's Rashi, then it is not a suitable time for that person to get married. In the same way, the free online kundali matching for marriage can assist in determining whether or not the girl or boy is Mangalik. Additionally, if one of the individuals is, it helps to show how one person's Managalik will affect another.

What is Done in Kundli Matching?

To put it simply, the birth charts of future spouses are matched during Kundli matching. In astrology, the entire Kundli Milan system is referred to as Ashta Koota Milan. The system provides various results as we compare the positions of the planets, particularly the Moon, in the bride's and groom's charts at the time of their birth, as well as where the Moon is now and where it will be in the future.

How Many Gunas Are Needed for Marriage?

The phrase Ashta Koota Milan refers to the number eight, while Koota refers to eight categories known as Kootas or Koot. In Ashta Koota Milan, 36 points are examined when comparing the two horoscopes. For a compatible marriage according to astrology, at least 18 of the 36 points must match up. There are 36 total points, divided among the categories. 

Naturally, the match in which 36 of the 36 Gunas match is the best match. Nonetheless, it's a harmonic combination even if thirty-three or more Gunas match. A good partnership that results in a happy marriage is one when the 25–32 Gunas match. In the meanwhile, a couple will need to put in more effort to make their alliance work because anyone in the 18–24 age range is seen as an average fit. If the final result is less than 18, the pair might have to deal with far more serious issues in their lives together.

What to do if Kundli is not matching?

Many couples today ignore matching Kundli as a confusing practice, the reason behind it is the growing effect of Western society. However, many such individuals are perfectly capable of working things out even though their stars do not line. However, we still cannot overlook the rising number of divorces in India, which usually arise from a couple's incompatibility and also if one of them is skeptical about love

It makes sense that people's views of kundli matching are wrong. Many of them believe that their parents might become concerned about their Kundli matching (if it fails to show up usually), the marriage process, and other related matters. But it isn't the reality. There is no Kundli mismatch that can prevent two people who genuinely love one another from getting married. However, Kundli matching and bringing out the Doshas may enable them to be calm, hence mitigating the negative effects of Doshas, through remedies.


Ultimately, it all boils down to how well you can negotiate things out between you and the other person, regardless of whether or not the kundli matches. Whether it's a love or arranged marriage, you can and should marry the person with whom you feel the happiest. However, you have to keep in mind that Kundli matching is not something that could lead to problems in your relationship.

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