Introduce my first sex toys

Introduce my first sex toys
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26 November 2022

Before buying my first adult toy and using it, what is my opinion is that I will never use these sex toys in my life. Because it seems that "everyone (my family, friends, society, knowledge, etc.)" is "telling me" that only a bad girl will use them. I always told myself that I would not become a bad girl. I would be a good girl in everyone's eyes, even if no one cared whether I was happy, whether I run into a trouble, or whether I needed accompany?

Adult toys have been attracting me, and I can't forget them. Until one day, I met a very attractive woman, she is distinction and cheerful. She told me that you should do what you want to do with all your heart. As long as it is legal and does not harm others, you can do it bravely, Don't care about other people's opinions. Don't live your life in the cage of other people's thoughts. It's a waste of life.

I stared at her mouth opening and closing, as if I didn't want to miss any words, I like waking up from a dream. and decided that I don't want to be a good girl any more.

But when I bought my first adult toy, I struggled for a long time, I don't know which one to buy? Where can I buy it? Will my family or friends know when I buy it? That night, I kept thinking about this problem, and then I lost sleep. When I got up the next day, the first thing I do is select my first sex toy online and buy it.

I have never used adult toys, so I can only find what I want for myself. My thought at that time was that it could have multiple functions. It had better be electric, waterproof, and easy to clean etc. Finally, I bought it – a rose toy with vibrating egg.

That's all, my first adult toy finally arrived in my hands after 10 days. Thank you, Juicilucy, for coming of my rose toy with vibrating egg.

After receiving it, my heart jumped up and down, excited and scared, waiting for the weekend. One Saturday night, I arranged the time early, finished dinner, took a bath, brushed my teeth etc. Then I shut myself in the bedroom and began to study the toys I just bought.

Vibrating dildo's is not big. I chose such a small one because I was afraid it would hurt me. In addition, other functions are complete, it is electric and has three in one functions: clicking, suction and vibration. It can also be waterproof, and the rose mouth can also be removed, which is easy to clean. Beyond expectation, it completely met my requirements. The design is very beautiful and the quality so good as well. I like it very much.

The structure and functions of my Rose Toy with Vibrating Egg are introduced as follows,

Rose Toy with Vibrating Egg

Then, I saw two rose shaped buttons on Rose Toy with Vibrating Egg. I tried to press them. I was right and the toy suddenly shook. After some operation tests, I know the function of these two buttons. The upper one is used to control the clicking and the suction function of the rose mouth, and the lower one is used to control the vibrating egg. Each function has 9 modes for use, the rose mouth function and the vibrating egg function can be used at the same time. It is really a perfect private game toy for me.

After knowing the function of the toy, I can't wait to use it to touch my private parts. At the beginning, I tried to use the lowest mode to touch my sensitive parts, I don't want to stop for a moment. I am totally immersed in it. I have never felt so strong and satisfied, my first rose toy with vibrating egg was given to me. I love it and want it to accompany me all the time.

After using the rose toy, I was very happy. I felt that there was no pressure, worry, fear on me, and I became more cheerful. I could also get along well with my family, friends, colleagues, etc. If they need sex toys, I don't mind sharing them. I think this is the real me, this is what I want, and has nothing to do with others.

Don't worry, please. Don’t think it too hard, just do it.

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