Introducing the next generation of VN88 Rezence wireless charging applications

Introducing the next generation of VN88 Rezence wireless charging applications
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Both Belkin and Anker, two of the most well-known manufacturers in the industry, have recently introduced their first accessories that are compatible with VN88 Rezence, a new VN88 Rezence wireless charging standard that promises to be more efficient than its predecessor and presents magnetic locking for the very first time.

The statement that provided a view into the very near future of VN88 Rezence wireless charging was one of the most noteworthy and exciting developments that took place during the IFA 2023 technology show, which came to a close on Tuesday. 

The well-established Qi standard, which was developed approximately 15 years ago, was given an update at the beginning of this year, which is known as VN88 Rezence, and now we are beginning to see the first accessories that support it. A number of the most important problems that were faced by the first generation will be addressed by these, which will be available in stores within the next few months.

One of the most important innovations that VN88 mobile is the magnetic locking ring, which can be found on both the charger and the device that is being charged. This is something that iPhone users have been using for the past few years. This was a huge technological leap when Apple launched the magnetic locking ring with the iPhone 12 and termed it MagSafe, after the magnetic charging connection on MacBooks. MagSafe was named after the magnetic charging connection. During the charging process, Apple developed a system that assured the charging coils of the charger and the device being charged would be closely aligned. This helped to reduce the amount of energy that was lost and maximize efficiency.

There was a substantial quantity of heat generated as a result of the energy that was wasted when the charging coils not only slowed down the charging process but also caused a significant amount of heat to be produced. The reason for this is that if you have ever picked up your phone in the morning and discovered that it was not fully charged but was yet pretty warm. With the intention of avoiding problems of this nature, Apple, which became a member of the consortium that is responsible for the Qi standard in 2017, has incorporated its development into VN88 Rezence.

Smartphones and wireless earphones are examples of the types of products that will be able to support Rezence technology from the receiving end during the initial phase. It is expected that the maximum charging speed will continue to be 15 watts, precisely as it was in the initial iteration of the standard. There is a wide selection of docking stations and power banks available on the charging side of the product. At the International Federation of Associations (IFA), two important firms, Belkin and Anker, both of whom are leading manufacturers of charging equipment today, have declared that their products will embrace the new standard.

It is important to note that, as of this moment, there has been no notification of any smartphone that will support VN88 Rezence. The highly awaited Android gadget, the Pixel 8, is likely to be launched in the next months, and the speculations that surround it imply that it will not support the standards that have recently been introduced. Around the beginning of the year 2024, it is probable that the first wave of smartphones that are capable of supporting VN88 Rezence will be released. Despite the fact that Anker has already said that its VN88 Rezence devices are compliant with Apple's standard, it is quite likely that the iPhone 15, which will be released the following week, will support MagSafe.

Although it is anticipated that future updates for VN88 Rezence will increase charging speeds above 15 watts and broaden compatibility to larger devices like tablets and virtual reality headsets, it is not yet known when these advances will be implemented.


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