Investigation into BestAssistencia24 and [Scammer] Bruno Emanuel Maciel

Investigation into BestAssistencia24 and [Scammer] Bruno Emanuel Maciel
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27 November 2023

In the heart of Portugal, a company named BestAssistencia24 has been operating under a shroud of deceit, ensnaring unsuspecting customers in a web of fraudulent practices. Orchestrated by Bruno Emanuel Maciel, the company has left a trail of broken promises, unfulfilled services, and stolen money in its wake. "Now he doesn't answer my calls or respond to messages. THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD." - Statement by the victim, Sysiorek

Victims' Tales of Betrayal

One by one, victims have emerged from the shadows to share their harrowing experiences with BestAssistencia24. They narrate tales of paying hefty deposits for boiler installations that never materialized, leaving them without heat and with empty pockets. Attempts to seek clarification or refunds were met with silence, or worse, aggressive threats from Mr. Maciel himself.

A Pattern of Evasion and Deception

Upon closer examination of BestAssistencia24's operations, a deliberate pattern of deception unravels. The company has a history of changing its name, a tactic often employed by unscrupulous businesses to evade accountability and continue their fraudulent activities.

Mounting Evidence of Misconduct

Online reviews and complaints against BestAssistencia24 paint a grim picture of the company's modus operandi. Customers have reported being misled about pricing, receiving substandard services, and facing relentless pressure to make additional payments.

Investigation into BestAssistencia24 and [Scammer] Bruno Emanuel Maciel

Authorities Step In

The growing number of complaints against BestAssistencia24 has prompted an investigation by Portuguese authorities. The company's practices are being scrutinized, and Mr. Maciel may face legal consequences for his actions.

Company Details: A Red Flag for Consumers

For those considering engaging with BestAssistencia24, the following company details serve as a red flag:


Company Name: BestAssistencia24

Owner: Bruno Emanuel Maciel

Address: R DO OURO No. 449, 4750-486 Galegos (São Martinho)

Phone: 910 680 900


Facebook Profile:


In light of these revelations, it is imperative to raise awareness about BestAssistencia24's fraudulent practices. Potential customers are strongly advised to exercise extreme caution when dealing with the company or its owner, Bruno Emanuel Maciel.


By sharing this information and staying vigilant, we can safeguard our community from falling victim to such deceptive schemes. Together, we can empower consumers to make informed decisions and protect their hard-earned money.

#ScamAlert #BestAssistencia24 #BrunoEmanuelMaciel #FraudPrevention

Let us stand united against deception and protect our community.

Additional Evidence:

For further evidence of BestAssistencia24's fraudulent activities, please refer to the following links:

Complaints from the Portuguese websites:

Victims sharing their experiences:

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