Is Invisalign treatment for all ages? Know your braces option.

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The orthodontics science and treatment technology has advanced over the years, helping you to achieve a straight and beautiful smile that is more flexible compared to traditional metal braces. Invisalign treatment in Huntington Beach has emerged as a popular alternative to metal braces in dental technology that offers a more discreet and flexible option for teeth straightening. However, people may still wonder whether Invisalign is a suitable option for all ages. Let's find out how old you have to be to get Invisalign treatment.  

  • Invisalign for kids

If you are noticing your kid's permanent teeth are showing orthodontic issues, Invisalign removable braces in Huntington Beach can be an essential option to straighten their teeth. This Invisalign option is known as Invisalign First, which is mostly for children of the age 6 to 10. Since kids grow faster, the clear aligners of Invisalign are custom-made for each stage of growth when they receive the new aligners in the series. Since kids' teeth are more adjustable, these aligners can give results sooner and prevent any prior misalignment issues that might get worse.

  • Invisalign for teenagers

If you wonder whether teens can be responsible enough to stay consistent with the Invisalign treatment in Huntington Beach, they are a great candidate. Teens often feel self-conscious while socializing with others due to crooked teeth. So, whether it is a special occasion or while taking photos, they can lack confidence if they have to show the metal brackets on the teeth. Invisalign aligners can keep them comfortable as they snugly fit over their teeth, which is virtually invisible. They can even take them out if they want to grab something to eat and drink, except for water. Their orthodontics will advise them with proper demonstration according to their lifestyle on how to keep wearing the aligners for at least 22 hours.

  • Invisalign for Adults

Now that you have become an adult growing from your teen self, your orthodontic issues may be long-standing that you neglected earlier. Invisalign removable braces in Huntington Beach are one of the best options for adults to benefit from. The treatment can correct orthodontic issues like bite problems, teeth gaps, and crowded teeth. No one can guess you are undergoing orthodontic treatment unless you tell them. You won't face self-consciousness while attending social events and eating almost anything.


Invisalign is a versatile and effective orthodontic treatment suitable for individuals of all ages. However, you should accept that sometimes, Invisalign aligners might not be the best fit for some cases. So, you should know what other orthodontic treatment options are available that can correct your complex issues while meeting your lifestyle quality. Get in touch with Surf City Orthodontics to know more about Invisalign treatment and book your consultation.

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