It was Established On June 16,

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24 September 2022

Redstone Wire Ltd. (2010) Curse (2010-2019) Magic Find (2019-present)



June 16, 2009; 13 years ago (June 16, 2009)

FluxBB (2009-2010) PHPBB (2010-2011) Cobalt (2011-present)


The Minecraft Forum is a forum run by the community for Minecraft. It was created by a member of the community citricsquid on June 16 2009. Since then, it has been operated by the community, with Mojang Studios not being involved in the day-to-day operation (although some Mojang Studios employees do have accounts).

In September 2010, Redstone Wire Ltd. was formed to manage the site, and on November 15 2010, the site was acquired by Curse, who owned and operated the site until it was bought by MagicFind in June 2019. Curse developed the forum software Cobalt in-house.

The forum functions as a hub for the Minecraft community, with game tweaks and servers, custom maps, and resource packs being shared. The registration process is free, and anyone without an Minecraft account is permitted to access the site. Forum administration is handled by PuyoDead and citricsquid. The moderating team is comprised of more than 100[4] volunteers.

The homepage of the site includes news, videos interviews, contests, interviews and articles, relating to Minecraft, Mojang Studios and the Minecraft community in general. Sacheverell manages the front-page news and videos from the MCSpotlights YouTube Channel as well as the Curse YouTube Channel.

On May 20 the 20th of May, 2019, citricsquid made an announcement that the forums would be only accessible on June 16, 2019. On June 12 2019, the archival service was cancelled and the site ownership was transferred to another company. [6]

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