OKBuddy Minecraft Server Is Here!

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04 October 2022

Well, it's been a long time for this to happen. Far too long. Chit Chat Chit Chat I apologize! It's been a long time since the server was announced. Since then, I and the rest the mod team have had to face some issues in trying to make everything ready. It has been a long process to put the pieces. From discussing the design of the spawn, to figuring out the rules, BuddyCraft is finally here, and I'm happy to tell you with a little feeling of joy.

It's Friday. It's an exciting time. I hope that this date will coincide with the conclusion of the school year for the majority of school-bound friends out there. This will allow you to get away from your daily routine and allow you to relax. And I don't know what you think, but when I hear "relax," my mind immediately conjures up the thought of playing Minecraft with a plethora of insane gamers who "roleplay" as insane people on Reddit. This should be beautiful!

It is important to remember, however, that this server could grow into a community worthy of its own discussion section. So I would like everyone to be aware of the r/okbuddycraft channel. It is the official subreddit for our official server... for our normal subreddit... yes. So, please do not ask questions or discuss the server in the r/OKBuddyRetard! They'll likely be caught up in the waves of Pickle Rick or Ben Shapiro or whatever is popular at the moment.

It will be a vanilla survival server with plugins running 1.16.4. It will not be anarchy, but making towns will be an integral part of the community. After the server goes live an even more detailed set will be available on R/OKBuddycraft.

That should do it for now, I think. This server is financed by OKBR merch sales. Please take a look at our products whenever you can! Every purchase helps the American Humane Society.

Feel free to ask any questions or express your concerns in the comments. I greatly look forward to playing with you all - as the saying goes, I hope it's been worth the wait! Thank you so for everything!

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