Kerala university distance education: good or bad

Kerala university distance education: good or bad
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16 November 2022


When choosing distance education at Kerala university, candidates can consider numerous good reasons that it has.  Like many other universities, Kerala university also has some good and bad points. A candidate can go through those points while deciding on the college. For more information on whether Kerala University is a decent option for your further education, see the complete review down below.

Kerala university was Founded in 1937, the University of Travancore is now known as Kerala University Distance Education. It was one of India's most established universities. The institution was the sixteenth madras university-affiliated institution to be established in Travancore. In its initial configuration, it consists of 10 colleges. The university's center for distance learning was founded in 1976.

About Kerala university 

At first, it was a research and teaching division dedicated to educating the underprivileged, including women and senior citizens. It is the state's first distance learning center. The university's most popular course is the distance learning MBA & BBA. Over 7,000 students from all over the nation are enrolled in the course.

The University has received an accreditation grade of "A" from NAAC. Additionally, it has UGC-DEB certification for a variety of courses. It provides 25 distance-learning courses in a variety of undergraduate and graduate fields. With the exception of language classes, English is obviously the main language. The department of literature, science, humanities, business, IT, and information science is where the various courses are offered.

Important Criteria for Selecting a distance University

With so many options for distance universities available on the internet, carefully consider a few key factors that separate reputable and practical university alternatives from dubious ones before making your decision. In order to make an informed decision and avoid any problems later on while pursuing or earning a degree, it is ideal to take into account a variety of factors based on a number of aspects before making a choice.

Therefore, continue reading to learn the crucial criteria to take into account when selecting a distance university and determine if Kerala university distance education is in fact the best option for your higher educational objectives based on these criteria.

Accreditations and Approvals of University:

This is the first thing to look into when thinking about a distance university because it confirms that the institution is a reliable source for degrees and coursework. Students can only obtain legitimate degrees and certificates from an accredited university.

One can be certain of the legitimacy of the degree obtained from the university if it has all the necessary approvals and recognitions.

The University of Kerala has received endorsements from:

  • The University of Kerala achieved an A++ grade with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.67.
  • The university has received an A++ grade from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), an independent organization supported by the University Grants Commission, which is in charge of accrediting higher education institutions (HEIs) in India.
  • The chief minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, reportedly stated that the university received the highest grade at all levels and that the NAAC A++ achievement serves as an example to state universities and educational institutions.

As a result, one can be confident that the degrees and certificates earned from University are well-recognized, reputable, and acceptable for use in pursuing future academic and professional objectives.

Fee Structure and Affordability: 

Since pursuing higher education involves costs and investments, this is another area of concern for many students. Therefore, it is crucial to determine whether the course of one's choosing is affordable. distance degrees are typically more affordable than traditional ones, and they also give students the flexibility to pursue other professional obligations. Therefore, one should also check to see if the course fee is fair and affordable for students when considering a distance university for any course.

The institution's status as a public university may be responsible for the affordable tuition. The costs of Kerala university distance courses differ greatly from one another and are inconsistent. A BBA degree has substantially less expensive tuition than a Master of Arts degree. And which is, respectively, worth INR41,175 and INR10,305. On the other side, the tuition for a BBA and a BA is INR23,375 and INR13,605, respectively.

At Kerala University, there is a 30,000 rupee participation fee for the Kerala university distance MBA program. for students to pay their bills. Prior to submitting their fees distance, they must first register on Kerala University's website. The cost has an additional choice, which is a payment schedule. The entire and unique cost of the examination must be paid. ​

If you're looking for a distance university with reasonable tuition, Kerala university might be a good choice.

Courses Offered and Faculty at the University: 

Since not all colleges may offer every course type, it is crucial to confirm that the university in question actually provides the course the student wants to enroll in. The various academic requirements of students are met by a distance university that provides them with a wide selection of courses.

For students enrolled in distance learning, the university offers 12 postgraduate courses in addition to 10 undergraduate courses. In addition, it provides specializations for its courses.

Kerala university distance courses are available through the distance learning program at Kerala University, including some that may be taken distance. because the university offers both undergraduate and graduate studies. The students can just continue their studies in any profession they choose. ​

Students also have options for specialties under each degree course. Therefore, based on the course duration, academic subject, and other considerations, one can select a course from the large choice of degrees and certificate programs available in the distance method.

The university provides excellent faculty support, with knowledgeable professors who are skilled at conveniently delivering the courses in the virtual mode. The university's LMS is helpful, accessible, and responsive to the questions and concerns of students.

Placement Support:

One of the most important criteria that students look for in a distance degree program is placement support. This is to guarantee that after completing a course, a person has a good chance to get hired by a reputable company. Today, the majority of distance institutions offer some kind of professional assistance or placement to their students. In order to increase one's professional chances while pursuing academics, it can be a smart idea to see if the university has a functional placement support system.

Campus placement is provided to every student at the University of Kerala so they can quickly adapt to the shifting business environment in the future. Kerala university distance MBA students have the highest placement rates

 The university's placement office plays a critical role in helping students develop employable skills. and helping them obtain positions at important organizations. By providing students with both real-world experience and soft skills, the university helps them succeed in their jobs. The job of the placement office at any university is to arrange for companies to conduct interviews on college campuses. to secure campus placements. ​

Student Support Facilities: 

Since there is rarely an opportunity for students to visit the university campus, student support services like helplines or committees to address their questions and concerns are crucial to ensuring that the students can get prompt redress and resolution of concerns through remote modes. Therefore, a good distance institution should also provide ways for students to digitally contact relevant authorities as necessary.

Students at the University of Kerala can contact the university's helpdesk and student support group via phone at a toll-free number or by email.

The same's contact information is as follows:

Sri. Siddik R.

Director of the Student Services Division (Assistant Professor, Department of Economics) i/c

Students' Services, Students' Center

PMG Jn., Thiruvananthapuram.

Tel: 8111989221 (M) 

Therefore, at Kerala University distance education, the procedure of answering questions and resolving student complaints is simple and hassle-free.

The university also assists students with job placement through placement campaigns.

Let’s conclude

Therefore, it can be concluded that a Kerala university is an excellent option for a distance degree or certificate program after considering numerous factors. The university sets itself apart from competing institutions that offer students courses with a comparable curriculum through the diversity of courses it offers at affordable prices, as well as through effective LMS support and job placement options.

Below is a list of the top qualities of Kerala University that make it a top choice to think about for higher education:

  • endorsed by the AICTE and UGC (for MBA and MCA)
  • Numerous Degree and Certification Programs to Select From Reasonably Priced Tuition Scholarships for Military Personnel and Government-Sponsored Students
  • efficient LMS
  • Easy Opportunities for Student Support
  • assistance with placement year-round

In light of the various factors analyzed above, Kerala University distance education may therefore be a good option for you if you're thinking about continuing your education.


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