Why choose Kerala university distance education?

Why choose Kerala university distance education?
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18 October 2022

Overviews of Kerala university distance education:

The magnificent Lakshadweep Sea is located in Kerala, often known as “God’s own country.” Due to Kerala’s literacy rate of 94%, which includes 96.02% of males and 91.99% of women, only literate folks can be found in the city. Kerala is home to several famous colleges and universities due to its high literacy rate and superior curriculum and education.
Formerly known as the University of Travancore, the University of Kerala (UoK) was created and it is situated inside the campus of Karivattom university distance education.
More than 7,000 students from all over the globe are now enrolled in distance learning programs at Kerala University, which offers a vast selection of undergraduate and graduate degrees.
Kerala University offers a variety of specializations in a vast array of disciplines, such as marketing, financial management, human resources, systems, international business management, and media management, among others.
There are numerous reasons to choose Kerala university distance Education and for that here is the list of reasons that you can consider while answering the question of why choose Kerala university distance education.

Why choose Kerala university for distance education?

I have mentioned 5 reasons which you can consider while choosing Kerala university. All these points make Kerala university unique in its own way.

Remarkable History:

The University of Kerala, one of the original 16 universities in India, was established in 1937 as the University of Travancore in the former princely state of Travancore (present-day southern Kerala and portions of Tamil Nadu). In the seven decades afterward, the University of Kerala has grown and decreased physically and seen several transformations. It is tough to describe Kerala University in a few words.
The University may be traced back to two contemporary academic institutions in Kerala: the University College of Thiruvananthapuram and the Trivandrum Observatory. The University College was created in 1834 by Maharaja Swathi Thirunal and Mr. John Roberts as Maharaja’s Free School.
The premier public university is situated in the city of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. In 1937, Kerala University received formal recognition. Additionally, Kerala University is the first university in the state.

At the time of its formation, only eleven campuses were affiliated with Kerala University. There are several districts with dispersed campuses in the state, including Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha, and Pathanamthitta. Kerala University now administers approximately 42 departments, 16 faculties, and 9 schools. In addition, the institution has separated its complaint cell in order to better help students and faculty in addressing internal and external difficulties.

Huge no. of courses:

Another reason to choose Kerala university distance education is the Kerala university distance courses.
The university offers 10 UG(undergraduate) courses and 12 PG(postgraduate) courses for its Distance learning students. It also offers specializations with its courses.
The Kerala university distance courses provide several courses, including those that may be taken remotely. Because the institution offers both UG and PG programs. The students may simply pursue their higher education in whatever field they want. The university’s list of core courses is as follows:
The university’s list of core courses is as follows:

  • Business Administration Bachelor’s
  • Bachelor’s in Business
  • Computer Applications Bachelor’s
  • Business Administration Master’s
  • Arts Master’s
  • Mathematics M.Sc.

There are many other courses, and you may enroll in any of them by submitting an online application. Students are urged to examine all eligibility requirements pertaining to the specific course. If they want to enroll before applying for admission.

High campus placement assistance:

Every student at the University of Kerala receives campus placement so they may quickly acclimate to the changing business environment in the future. The university’s placement office is very important in fostering marketable skills in students. And assisting them in landing jobs at major corporations. The institution helps students advance their careers by giving them both practical experience and soft skills. Any university’s placement cell is in charge of bringing businesses to the college campus for interviews. In order to get campus placements.

Reasonable fee structure:

At Kerala University, the cost structure for remote learning is designed to be affordable for every applicant. The low cost of attendance may be attributed to the fact that this institution is a public university. The prices of the various classes range widely and are not consistent with one another. The tuition costs for a BBA degree are much lower than those for a Master of Arts degree. And which is INR41,175 and INR10,305, respectively. The BBA and BA tuition costs, on the other hand, are INR23,375 and INR13,605, respectively.

At Kerala University, the fee for participating in the MBA program that is offered online is Rs. 30,000. In order for students to make payments. They need to first create an account on the online fee submission site provided by Kerala University. There is an extra option available for the fee, which is a payment plan. The examination cost must be paid in whole and on an individual basis. ​

No qualifying exams:

The Kerala university distance education does not conduct any entrance exam for its distance learning students. The eligibility criteria of Kerala university are very simple and easy. The eligibility criteria for Kerala university distance education are:

  • For candidates to be eligible for admission into any of the undergraduate majors, they are required to have obtained a passing grade on the 10+2 examination from a board that is acknowledged.
    Candidates must have a 10+2 degree from a board that is recognized in order to be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics program. It is required that mathematics be one of the elective studies.
    For the aforementioned program, admission is granted to those who already have a diploma in engineering studies lasting three years and has been approved by the State of Kerala’s Director of Technical Education.
  • Candidates who are interested in enrolling in postgraduate programs are needed to have earned a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 45% of the possible points available in the subject area that is appropriate for a master’s degree.
  • Students who are interested in enrolling in the Master of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics program are required to have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or statistics or a Bachelor of Science (Vocational) degree. At the high school graduation level, one of the topics that should be required is mathematics.

Let’s wind up

The University of Kerala is one of the oldest institutions in India, and it has both campus and facilities that have been there for quite some time. Before sending in an application to get in, students should take the time to learn about the school as a whole.
You have the opportunity to learn every last speck of information there is to know about the institution, its facilities, its courses, and the prerequisites and costs connected with each.
After you’ve read the whole blog, you can send an application to the school to be considered for admission. Any student can fill out an application, and if they are accepted, they will be able to do on-campus placements and other things if they are chosen. If you still have any doubts, then you can refer to the FAQ section.


1. Could you tell me where the main campus of the University of Kerala is located?
-The state of Kerala’s capital city, Thiruvananthapuram, is also the location of the University of Kerala.

2. It is possible that help for placement might also be offered to distance learners.
-Every student at the institution, even those who take their classes entirely online, has the opportunity to participate in on-campus activities.

3. Is there a reputation for the University of Kerala?
-The University Grants Commission, often known as the UGC, does indeed recognize the University of Kerala, and the Distance Education Bureau does likewise acknowledge the University of Kerala’s School of Distance Education (DEB). As a result, all of its courses have been given the green light by the UGC-DEB and may be used elsewhere.

4. How can I submit my application to study at the University of Kerala?
-Simply fill out the online application form that can be found on the website of the Department of Distance Education at the University of Kerala to be considered for enrollment in any of the university’s programmes. Before enrolling in any class, students should make sure they meet the prerequisites and other requirements first.

5. Where exactly is the University of Kerala’s main campus located?
The city of Thiruvananthapuram, which serves as the state capital of Kerala, is also the location of the University of Kerala.

6. Can students who take part in distance learning also get help with finding a job?
-To answer your question, the institution does in fact provide campus placements to all students, including those who participate in the school’s distance learning program.

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