Know how does production work in sound stage studios

Know how does production work in sound stage studios
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02 January 2022

Deciding the location for movie-making is one of the most challenging parts the makers have to do. Visiting hundreds of locations, picturing their cast and scenes in the area, etc., requires a lot of time, effort, and money. Even after that, you cannot control the natural factors like wind or lighting of the location. So, you are time-bound as you have to shoot according to the weather and natural light. This is simply not the case with sound stage studios. Here you can start and end shooting as per your need. Once you rent the sound stage studio, it's open 24x7, and you have access to all the tools required in the shooting. Also, you can cut the cost of searching the place and booking the location.

Well, if you have always picked realistic settings for shoots and the never tried sound stage, let us tell you that it's a very different experience. Let us explain to you how production works in this setting. 

What is a sound stage studio?

There should be a clear understanding of what actually is a sound stage studio before we get into all the “how it works” stuff. As filmmakers drive through the streets of famous places looking for places for movie making, most often, they carelessly pass by sound studios without thinking for a second what these structures really are. Unless these virtual studio sets are located in some famous location or are the ones that everyone has heard of, there is no indication of interest in the makers. But, in actuality, a sound stage is not just another big old building.

Sound stage studios emerged almost centuries ago to fulfill the movie-making business's needs. This place is fixed with certain features that make it a suitable place to produce television shows or movies. Slowly evolving through the years, they have successfully incorporated all the elements of sound.

An all in one production experience
Well, as we were talking about it, the requirement for sound studios evolved in no time. Filmmakers found it critical to have a location enriched with cameras, lights, and sound equipment that could help them capture the minute details of the moving pictures. Renting a big soundproof structure that could adjust the huge cast and crew now sounded a much better idea. This lets the production company start and finish the film-making project in just one location. 

Essential features found in a virtual studio:

  1. Soundproof: It is a large, closed soundproof building that enables professional-level recordings with clean sounds. 
  2. Adjust lighting: another key feature of a virtual studio set is that it is easy to control the lighting as per the requirement of the scene. 
  3. Sufficient space: As mentioned, the sound stage studio is a large building to accommodate a big crew inside. 

Now you have a better idea of how all of this looks like. When you have more control over the environment, you can understand how it can affect your overall filmmaking experience. If you want to try it, rent it instead of buying it.

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