Laravel: The Game-Changing Framework for Web Development

Laravel: The Game-Changing Framework for Web Development
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Web application development may be sped up, and security and scalability can be improved by using a PHP framework, which is a platform for creating PHP web applications that provides code libraries of widely used functions. More than 77.6 percent of websites that use server-side programming are still doing it using PHP.

While many PHP frameworks exist (Symfony, Yii, Codeigniter, CakePHP, and Phalcon, just to name a few), Laravel's simplicity of use and adaptability have kept it at the top of the list of the finest MVC-based PHP frameworks.

Reasons why Laravel is the best framework- 

Here are some reasons to choose the Laravel backend framework listed below - 

  • Quick and simple setup

One of the main draws of the framework is its simplicity of use. You can create a functional, five-page website in hours using just the most fundamental knowledge of PHP. It's not the only benefit of using laravel, however. There's a lot more to it. 

Laravel has over 70,000 stars on Github, making it one of the most popular PHP frameworks on the platform. Laravel's ability to deliver top-notch security is a major selling point if you're building a web project. Laravel eliminates the possibility of sneaky SQL injections in your online project.

In addition, Laravel can guarantee top-notch functionality for your online apps. Certain capabilities and features may occasionally slow down the site. However, Laravel provides several features that might boost developers' efficiency. 

  • Uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC)

You may learn that Laravel employs a Model-View-Controller structure by doing a quick Google search. This is why Laravel is considered a "great" framework for building websites. Efficiency is boosted, information is clearer, and documentation is made more accessible.

Transparency between business logic and presentation is crucial throughout development. MVC is the foundation of Laravel. MVC improves efficiency and documentation and comes with many useful prebuilt features.

  • Social Encouragement

If you're a developer, you'll have to deal with many frustrating issues. When you're stuck, it's easier to progress if you have someone to turn to who has been there and done that before you. 

Because of its large user base, it is a formidable competitor. The community reacts rapidly when a security issue or defect is reported in the framework.

  • Secured 

Laravel's ability to deliver top-notch security is a major selling point if you're building a web project. Laravel eliminates the possibility of sneaky SQL injections in your online project.  

In addition, Laravel can guarantee top-notch functionality for your online apps. Certain capabilities and features may occasionally slow down the site. However, Laravel provides several features that might boost developers' efficiency.

Laravel offers some of the fundamentals that ensure the safety of your application. Because of its usage of PDO, Laravel's ORM is immune to SQL injections. 

Cross-site request forgery may be avoided using Laravel's csrf security. Its syntax automatically escapes any HTML entities in view arguments to avoid XSS attacks. Using the right building blocks is all that's required.

  • Database Migration 

One of Laravel's most valuable characteristics is its ability to facilitate migration. By migrating, you may avoid recreating the application's database structure. With migration, you may use PHP code to manage the database instead of SQL. You may undo the most recent Database modifications with the help of migration.

  • Laravel makes testing a breeze

Any programme worth it's salt will put it through its paces before releasing it to the public. Unit testing is made possible with Laravel. It's common for systems to fail after being updated. Laravel uses a battery of tests to guarantee the reliability of its software.

  • Producing a URL

Laravel's URL generator is a handy tool for creating internal model links. URL routing ensures that users who enter or click on a link are sent directly to the intended information, such as an article, product description, etc. By requiring a URI and closure, the Laravel framework makes route description easy to implement.

  • Compatibility with existing messaging systems

Laravel's messaging service integration is another useful feature. Its purpose is to update people on the status of various events utilizing alerts sent to their devices. The application can be up and running in no time with the help of the included drivers for SMTP, Mandrill, SparkPost, PHP's email function, and Amazon SES.

  • Route Caching

The success or failure of a website or business app is heavily dependent on its performance and load time. People will stop using your site or app if they have to wait too long for content to load. 

That's all there is to it. These days, almost anybody can be bothered to wait. The Laravel framework's built-in route caching guarantees lightning-fast loading times. 

You should wait to activate route caching until your application is complete since doing so before launch might cause certain functionality to be unavailable after the site is live.

  • Better Unit Testing

Unit testing is something you can't ignore. The goal of unit testing is to ensure that your programme or website performs as intended. There might be many issues with your site if you release it without first testing it. 

Better unit testing is possible with the Laravel framework, allowing you to examine your site's performance and make any required adjustments before releasing it to the public.

We could sit here and list all of Laravel's benefits, but it's also vital to point out its drawbacks. For one, updating the application might be challenging, as with many PHP frameworks.

The framework is more sophisticated than others, and code upgrades might be complex. Despite these minor drawbacks, Laravel remains superior to competing PHP frameworks.

Why use Laravel for developing your SaaS application?

Laravel is the 3rd most popular web framework globally, behind React and Angular. Laravel's syntax is expressive and simple to pick up, which allows for rapid application development. Routing, sessions, caching, and authentication are just a few of the usual web development activities that are simplified.

The popularity of Laravel is increasing because of the ease with which it can be maintained, scaled, and manipulated. With Laravel, you can create simple, modify, and keep up-to-date code. This is because the framework has a clean, well-organized layout that makes the regulation accessible to programmers. Laravel's design prioritises scalability, making it possible to accommodate both vast projects and the expanding demands of organisations. 

Laravel is an excellent option for companies needing tailor-made web applications due to the framework's adaptability and customization options. In a nutshell, it's a strong, enterprise-friendly framework that may speed up the development of reliable apps.

Is Laravel the Best PHP Framework?

One of the most important steps in creating a successful web application is picking the appropriate PHP framework. The finest PHP framework is the one that helps you achieve your goals while also meeting the objectives of your company. 

When deciding on a framework for your web project, it's important to keep in mind the following broad criteria:

  • The popularity of the framework
  • Access to a Database
  • Connecting with outside parties
  • Help with performance
  • Modularity
  • Module integration
  • Verifying Functions
  • Security

Laravel ranks well among the finest PHP frameworks and has all the aforementioned characteristics. Choose the finest PHP framework for your web app development by first analysing your business requirements, as you would with any other choice in the project development technology stack.


Whether your project is large or little, Laravel is the best option. Laravel has several useful features that laravel development company in India may make use of. Because to Laravel's consistency and dependability, your web development project will be finished on schedule with no major bugs.

Because of the template engine's simplicity and power, even elaborate designs may be built with relative ease. In addition, Laravel has authentication and security features built right in, so organizations don't have to worry about the safety of their data.

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