Light the Way: Choosing Headlights for Your Leased Car

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Car leasing can be a choice for both an experienced driver and a beginner. However, when choosing a vehicle, it is important to have an idea of its arrangement. No doubts, leasing autos are insured, but many characteristics are important when it comes to their everyday operation and usage.

One of the key aspects in the characterization of modern cars is head lighting. Indeed, the headlights ensure a comfortable and safe drive at any time of the day, and it is important that other drivers also see you well and do not feel blinded. Manufacturers install light bulbs of various types, and if you choose a car for a lease, this issue needs clarification.

Modern Types of Headlights

Engineers working for large automotive companies have been working on different types of headlights for the second century, searching for efficient, safe, and economical light sources. Today, drivers can choose makes and models with four types of light bulbs that are worth more detailed revising.

Halogen Headlights

Light the Way: Choosing Headlights for Your Leased CarThis type has been known for a long time. The working principle of these headlights is based on the heating of the filament with electricity in an environment filled with halogen gasses, mainly iodide and bromine. These gasses and the filament are sealed in a tube inside the headlamp and when heated together, they provide bright light.

The advantages of halogen headlights are as follows:

  • They produce a rather light beam.
  • They are comparatively cheap.
  • It is easy to replace them just in case.

However, these light bulbs give a rather weak and slightly directional beam of light, and therefore provide insufficient visibility in dark and difficult road conditions.

HID Headlights

Light the Way: Choosing Headlights for Your Leased CarHID or Xenon lights are known to give a bright and very directional light. Their operating principle is based on the electrodes contained inside a glass tube filled with xenon gas. When heated, an electric arc is created, giving a dazzling blue-white glow.

The pros of HID headlights are the following:

  • They provide excellent visibility, even when it’s very dark and foggy.
  • They make the car look classy.
  • They last longer thanks to the lack of filament.

At the same time, HID headlights can somewhat distort your vision, as well as annoy other drivers if they are too bright. In this case, it is worth choosing vehicles with xenon lamps offered only by the manufacturer. However, it is impossible to do otherwise if you lease a car; you will be sure that your model has not been subjected to unnecessary changes.

LED Headlights

This technology involves just the operation of LEDs inside the headlamp, without filament, gasses, and electrodes. This process is called electroluminescence. LED lights are becoming more popular thanks to the following benefits:

  • They are ergonomic and take up minimal space.
  • LED lights light up immediately after turning on unlike xenon headlights.
  • They provide comfortable light flow for the car owner and oncoming drivers.
  • LEDs create a wide field of view.
  • Various intensity and light spectrum of LED lights are available to drivers.

The high price of these headlights can be called the only drawback.

Laser Headlights

These are new-generation headlamps based on the chemical reaction of phosphorus under the influence of light rays in a chamber enclosed inside a lighthouse. They give unprecedented brightness and range of lighting, but are still too rare and expensive. You can see them on premium segment models, including BMW and Audi.

What Headlights Must Have a Car to Lease?

Today, a car lease in Brooklyn offers a wide range of new vehicles, mainly with LED lighting. And yet, different models have their features of this light, so the experts of Grand Prix Motors, an auto broker in New York, recommend the following:

  1. Specify which beam light the headlights of your chosen machine produce. It can be flood-wide, spot, or flood-spotlight beam type.
  2. Determine whether these headlights give enough lighting, given your vision and the terrain where you drive more often.
  3. Understand for yourself whether you like such headlights and whether they look good on the car. This will add to your pleasure of using it.

In general, Grand Prix Motors offers vehicles with headlights from the manufacturer, with the right light beam and correct settings, which makes the choice of leasing machines safer.

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