List of Top 5 Restaurants Serving the Best Fish in Lahore

List of Top 5 Restaurants Serving the Best Fish in Lahore

Just like another bunch of cuisines, you cannot beat the level of best fish in Lahore. No city can challenge Lahore with its perfectly tasting cuisines varieties as well as seafood options. Lahore is filled with foodies that are always eager to try new food items at different restaurants. Also, they demand places that specialize in all varieties of foods. So, finding a fish restaurant is not a difficult task in Lahore. Some of the best seafood places offer high-quality delicious fish options that customers can choose from. Certain restaurants are up-to-the-mark and fulfil all the demands of fish lovers. 

Whether oven-baked fish, grilled fish, or fried fish, Lahoris love to fish in any shape, form or cooking style. Real foodies can go to a lavished restaurant or roadside eatery to tantalize their taste buds with the best taste and affordable price. Tourists visiting Lahore cannot leave this place without trying out the finest soft and crispy fish served at various restaurants. Since there are tons of options to choose from, we are going to enlist the top 5 restaurants that are highly reckoned with. Let’s get an insight. 

Bamboo Union

Bamboo Union is a perfect option to try authentic Pan Asian cuisine as well as best fish in Lahore. The restaurant has gained immense popularity for serving succulent fish meals that fulfil your appetite within minutes. The reason why Bamboo Union provides extraordinarily appetizing fish is because of the expertise of the chefs that use the correct combination of spices and the best preparation methods. The true culinary experience of the chefs is reflected in the tempting taste of the fish. Apart from fish, the restaurant goes on top of the list for Thai, Sushi and Asian food in Lahore. Our recommendations for fish dishes at Bamboo Union are Union Special Fish, Szechuan Fish Gravy and Grilled Fish. You’ll certainly regret skipping this amazing place. 

The Rice Bowl

The Rice Bowl is a Japanese and Chinese restaurant that has captured people‘s attention for years owing to its extraordinary services and flavorful meals. The fish varieties that this restaurant offers are cooked with excellence and are a must-try. The fish that is served here provides toothsome flavours and aromas that increase your appetite immediately. Also, the prices of their dishes fit right into your pocket so you can enjoy some quality fish items while staying within your budget. At The Rice Bowl, you can enjoy your meals in both indoor and outdoor sitting. The ambience of the restaurant is highly calming. The relaxing ambience together with delicious fish items will make you fall in love with this place right away. Our favourite fish items to try from this place are Fish in Szechuan Sauce, Fish in Dragon Fire Sauce and Fish Chilli Dry. 

Haji Sardar Fish Corner

Lahoris often flex about how wonderful the fish tastes at Haji Sardar Fish Corner. They are not even slightly wrong. This local fish point provides unique and best-tasting fish in town. It is one of the oldest and most famous fish points in Lahore. The handpicked fresh fish with perfect cooking methods are the reason for mesmerizing taste of fish at this point. Their all-time favourite and best-selling Grilled Fish has grabbed a lot of fans in this restaurant. This renowned fish corner is present at Qartaba Chowk. Pay a visit to this amazing eatery and take away heavenly-tasting fish now!

Bistro 201

In our search for the best fish restaurant, we came across Bistro 201. At this restaurant, you can find tremendous options of seafood including highly delicious fish. Their Grilled Seafood Platter and Fried Seafood Platter provide an amazing selection of seafood items that is accompanied by sautéed vegetables and French fries. This is the reason why people cannot get enough from this restaurant. If you are craving some fine-tasting fish and other seafood options, then Bistro 201 is your place to be. The ambience of this restaurant is cosy, and the taste of their fish is amazingly palatable.


Last but not the least, the impressively flavoursome Pan Asian restaurant, Novu, caters for customers with worthwhile fish dishes. Irrespective of the kind of fish you are craving, the restaurant is ready to serve whatever you like. You can trust this restaurant with plating up some fine fish items in an inviting atmosphere. Try out their Kung Pao fish and Novu special fish and enjoy the most stunning meals that are hard to get over.


No one can let winters pass without treating oneself to exquisite-tasting fish. Among all these restaurants, our favourite place to tantalize our taste buds with the best fish in Lahore is Bamboo Union. The calm, relaxing ambience together with the scrumptious fish has made us their loyal customer. Hurry up and visit Bamboo Union today to enjoy delightful fish!

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