Luciana Bras Reviews - Everything You Need To Know

Luciana Bras Reviews - Everything You Need To Know
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Are you looking to buy women fashion accessories online at great prices? Luciana Boutique has some rings and bracelets available on its website at great deals. We will do an in-depth review of the website, taking into consideration Luciana Boutique Reviews, its policies and then conclude if this is a legitimate website for you to make shop from. 

Luciana Bras is an online store in the United States. If you want to buy rings and bracelets, you can head over to the website and look at their collection. 

We will now dive straight into the reviews to give you a better understanding of this website and its offerings and also establish its legitimacy. 

luciana bras reviews

What is Luciana Boutique?

Luciana Boutique is an online store selling women accessories that was established in the United States only recently. They have a minimal collection of rings and bracelets for you to choose from. The boutique claims to provide accessories of high quality to its customers. They have also been running an 80% discount on its products. 

The website has a basic design with very limited options for you. The crucial details, like the contact number and official address, are missing from the website. Except for a support email address, there is no other way to contact them. 

The boutique does not have any social media handles. Infact, the social media icons on the website redirect you to Shopify’s social media accounts. This is not normal for a website.

Luciana Boutique Reviews are nowhere to be found on the web. 

Luciana Boutique Specifications

Products: Women accessories – Rings and bracelets
Processing duration: Not mentioned
Delivery: 12-15 business days
Phone Number: Not mentioned
Address: Not mentioned
Returns: Within 30 days
Exchange: Not offered
Refund Period: Not mentioned
Payment Method: Amex/ Mastercard

Luciana Boutique Pros

The website has not been flagged of any suspicious activity by any antivirus on the web yet. 
The boutique is offering an 80% discount on its products.

Luciana Boutique Cons

Luciana Boutique is a very new website.
There are a minimal number of available products.
Crucial details are missing from the website, like the contact details, address, etc.
The social media icons take you to Shopify’s website. 
No user Luciana Boutique Reviews are present anywhere on the Internet.

Is Luciana Boutique Legit?

Luciana Boutique was established online very recently. It sells women bracelets and rings. Even though there is not sufficient information on the Internet about this website, we have all the reasons to believe that it is a scam.

They have a limited number of products to offer. There are hardly 10-15 products on the entire website. The website is missing all the essential information like the contact details and office address, and even the mentioned policies are very vague. 

There is no one to contact except that there is a support email present on the website. The social media icons take you to Shopify’s social media handles, which has thousands of followers. This is definitely a red flag and is being used as bait. 

Luciana Boutique Customer and User Reviews

Customer feedback is essential, especially for a newly set up website. However, we could not find Luciana Boutique Reviews. The products have not been verified by any user whatsoever.

We also could not find any feedback on any of the products. The customer reviews are missing. We do not suggest shopping from such unverified websites.

All the red flags that the website has shown clearly indicate that this is not a safe website and that you should avoid shopping from here at all costs. 

Final Verdict

An online boutique, Luciana, sells rings and bracelets. The store hardly has anything to offer to you except that they are offering a discount of 80% on their products. All of the details that should have been present on the website are missing. Even their social media icons point to an e-commerce platform. 

Luciana Boutique Reviews are also not present on the Internet. All of these signs indicate that this website is a clear scam. 

We suggest that you buy accessories from reviewed, legitimate websites instead of new websites like Luciana Boutique that are running a scam.

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