Magento Commerce Cloud: Business Benefits & Key Features

Magento Commerce Cloud: Business Benefits & Key Features

The eCommerce sector has taken over the current retail marketplace. Obviously, the majority of shoppers like to buy products from a reliable eCommerce platform. This business is thriving rapidly. More and more enterprises are planning to enter the space with the help of eCommerce website development services, offered by a trusted partner.

The exponential rise of eCommerce platforms compels businesses to develop their own website, based on a trusted & multi-functional platform. Concerning the same, Magento is one of the extensively used technologies.

You must already know, Magento is a leading eCommerce platform that allows you to add manifold products, extended functionalities, and scalable operations. The platform is available in different categories like Magento Open Source, Magento Community Edition, and Magento Commerce Cloud.

So, here in this blog, we will be reflecting the essential light on Magento Commerce Cloud. And that too is based on the following key points.

  • What is Magento Commerce Cloud?
  • Important Things to Know About Magento Commerce Cloud
  • Key Features of Magento Commerce Cloud Version
  • Business Benefits of Implementing Magento Commerce Cloud 
  • Final Thoughts 

Get started on the same.

What is Magento Commerce Cloud?

Magento Commerce Cloud

As the name itself implies, Magento Commerce Cloud is the cloud-based eCommerce platform for small, medium to large-scale enterprises. A retail business that decided to operate exclusively from various parts of the globe can avail managed Magento Cloud hosting solution in India and create a storefront that can be operated from any part of the globe. With the Cloud-based version, you will get a fully managed, secured, scalable, and performance-oriented eCommerce platform to focus primarily on operations with ease.

Important Things To Know About Magento Commerce Cloud 

Magento Commerce Cloud is more like a Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and some of its important things are as followed:

  • It helps create a powerful and extensive eCommerce platform that can be managed from any direction.
  • This cloud edition allows the developers to ensure rapid deployment of the platform and flexibility to offer Magento migration services. Specifically, when running your eCommerce site on the outdated version.
  • Magento Commerce Cloud runs successfully on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It makes the platform affordable for enterprises to develop as per the requirement.

Key Features of Magento Commerce Cloud Version

When it comes to enabling Adobe Commerce cloud solution with the help of a reliable Magento eCommerce consulting company, it is relevant to know some features in advance. In this part, you will be looking at some impressive features of Magento Commerce Cloud.

  • One of the significant features of Magento Commerce Cloud compared with other editions is the extensible architecture. Enterprises have the flexibility to make customized innovations in the structure of online retail platform architecture with ease.
  • It provides you the flexibility to host the eCommerce website where your customers belong along with the proficiency to skill up.
  • Automatic deployment is another feature of the platform that allows your enterprise to experience fast time to market.
  • Get an extra set of platform protection because of the AWS hosting solution.
  • Last but not least, high-speed optimization is another key feature of this eCommerce platform.

Business Benefits of Implementing Magento Commerce Cloud 

  • The quick ordering interface is a substantial benefit of the Magento Commerce Cloud platform that allows you to enlist manifold SKUs, copies of previous orders, and other sets of functionalities.
  • The cloud platform allows you to enable corporate account management that helps in seamlessly managing multiple vendors and product dealers.
  • An effective way to provide B2B quotes in the fastest possible time.
  • The cloud platform offers multi-channel support benefits.
  • The cloud edition helps integrate the Application Programming Interface (API), third-party extensions, and other functionalities with ease and comfort.

Final Thoughts

Start or upgrade your eCommerce business journey with the help of Magento Commerce Cloud and function effectively wide across demographics. Enable the round-the-clock available eCommerce platform to increase product sales patterns and enhance the overall customer base.

Get started with a Cloud eCommerce platform with the help of a reliable company like OrangeMantra. Connect with real-time Magento experts to know more about Magento Cloud edition and implement the same at an affordable cost.

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