Minions 2: Refreshing sequel with a colorful gallery of characters

Minions 2: Refreshing sequel with a colorful gallery of characters
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29 June 2022

An incredibly welcome and refreshing sequel, which manages to engage and entertain both young and old in the audience. "The Minions: The Story of Gru" is a really fun, exciting and extremely fast-paced film that delivers its fine messages with a twinkle in the eye.

Finally we get to meet little Gru and get to know him, before he developed into who he later became. Already as an eleven-year-old, he has his signature chubby back and pointed nose and dreams of one day being able to become a real supervillain. Of course, we also get to meet our yellow banana-loving friends, with our hearts always in the right place, and follow their not always fully thought-out inventions.
The film takes place in the 1970s, disco music thunders in time with the soul, which at the same time sweeps over life. Gru, with Steve Carell's acquaintance, but somewhat more vocal, says at school that one day he will become a supervillain. Everyone laughs, but Gru knows what he wants and he has a plan. When he then hears that the evil team Grymlingarna (or Vicious Six as they call themselves in the original language), is looking for a new member, the precocious Gru applies for the position. However, the members of Grymlingarna are not impressed and do not take the boy so seriously. Gru intends to show them and steal an amulet that the group intends to use to conquer the world. In the same vein, it becomes clear that even Wild Knuckles (Alan Arkin), the founder of the group and Grus' big idol, is not dead at all, but also after the treasure…
The story that is told is funny and easy to understand, but also touching at times. A very fun bunch of supporting characters cheer up and it is especially fun to meet Kung Fu master Master Chow (Michelle Yeoh) and see her learn the little yellow abilities. Other interesting new acquaintances are Belle Bottoms (Taraji P. Henson), Jean-Clawed (Jean-Claude Van Damme), Svengeance (Dolph Lundgren), Stronghold (Danny Trejo) and not least Nun-Chuck (Lucy Lawless). "The Minions: The Story of Gru" offers so much speed, cooling fan and never-ending slapstick humor that one can not help but be in a very good mood. But the film also touches on deeper things, such as childhood dreams and the longing for context, but also loyalty and the importance of finding, but also protecting the family you choose to surround yourself with.
Illumination impresses again, as does the creative team led by director Kyle Balda. It is nicely animated, and of course colorful and extremely detailed in several places, but it still does not feel extravagant in the design. It seems to be just right on all levels. And even though the Minions themselves are somewhat one-dimensional in their design, they all have a personality and various features that stand out. The yellow little ones are a cozy little stuffed animal army, whose care for their little boss is both heartwarming and infinitely inspiring.
"The Minions: The Story of Gru" is a well-made and entertaining film that fits perfectly into the franchise and at the same time contributes in a resourceful way to the other films. It's seldom that it gets this fun in a sequel's sequel, as it is in a way. Thumbs up from both me and my younger party consisting of children between 11 and 13 years old, who all happily stated that they had had a really fun time at the cinema.


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Worldwide : Minions 2: The Rise of Gru Full Movie

Espanol : Minions 2: El origen de Gru Película

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Poland : Minionk 2 i: Wejście Gru

Deutsch  : Minions 2 Stream

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