Most Important Tips For Dhan Diseases

Most Important Tips For Dhan Diseases

Paddy crop is a major problem in various diseases such as paddy shank, brown stain, sheath blight, virtual cond and zinc deficiency etc. Damaging pests such as stem borer, pink stem borer, leaf wrapper, paddy pudding and gandibag are also harmed by insects. The farmer cultivates paddy using expensive seeds and fertilizers, so due to lack of proper management, he has to suffer a lot from pests and diseases. Therefore, by managing them at the right time, losses can be avoided. Paddy crop is a major problem in various diseases such as paddy shank, brown stain, sheath blight, virtual cond and zinc deficiency etc. Harmful insects such as stem borer, pink stem borer, leaf wrapper, paddy fungus and sulfuricides are harmed by insects.


Tana Chedak Dhan Ke Rog

The curved state of this insect is harmful. First, after coming out of the egg, the buds penetrate into the leaves of the middle buds and penetrate into the inner lump which feeds on the inner stem. The earrings do not come out when the plants are growing in the stage of growth. Earrings become white after drying out in the stage of Bali and do not form rash. Pest management: The crop should be harvested from the surface of the ground and collected and burnt. Zinc sulphate + quenched lime (100g + 50g) per drain at 15-20 liters. Sprinkle by making a solution in water. At the time of planting the seedlings, cut the leaves of the upper part of the plant slightly and transplant it, due to which the eggs are destroyed. Boil tobacco leaves of neem leaves in 20 liters of water, if this water remains 4-5 liters, cool it and spray it in 10 liters of cow urine.


Dhan Ka Patti Lapetak

The female insect lays eggs in groups near the veins of paddy leaves. From these eggs, the buds come out in six-eight days. These buds eat the soft leaves first and then make silk thread from their saliva and fold the leaf from the edges and scrape it inside.


Dhan Ka Gandhibug

The adult is a long, thin and greenish-brown flying insect. You can also identify this pest from the deodorant that comes from the insect. Adults and infants suckle and damage the milky grains, causing brown spots on the grains and leaving the grains hollow. Pest Management If the number of pests is shown to be one or more per plant, then spraying of Malathian five percent poisonous dust at the rate of 500-600 gm per drain. Clean the grass grown on the ridges of the fields as these pests thrive on these weeds and attack the crop during lactation. When 10 percent of the leaves are damaged, two grams / l of keldon 50 percent soluble dust. Make a spray at the rate of water and spray it.


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Bhuri Chitti Chawal Ke Rog

The symptoms of this disease mainly appear as small brown spots on the leaves. In severe infection, these spots mix together and dry the leaves and the earrings do not come out completely. Outbreak of this disease is more visible in paddy fields with low fertility.

For the prevention of this disease, tricyclaseol two grams per kg of seed before sowing. Treat at the rate of seed. Spraying of Carbendazim if needed in the state of flowering. Spraying 15-20 grams of Carbendazim 50% soluble dust in about 15 liters of water at a rate of 10 liters per day at the interval of 10-20 days or at the time of exudation, spraying at a rate of 15 liters of water per day.

The appearance of dark brown spots on the paddy plant attached to the ground surface are symptoms of this disease. The disease spreads slowly throughout the stem. Paddy plant is more prone to outbreak at the time of flowering and fruit formation. To control this, spray the fungicide drug azoxystrobin 23 g per liter of solution or hexaconazole 5% solution. For the prevention of virtual condom disease in Kisan Bhai paddy, spray tebuconazole 25% solution or Tricyclazole 75% solution on the paddy crop. Advising farmers have said that if the old leaves of paddy are turning yellow-brown from above.4

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