Moving Telecom Cables For Insulation: The Procedure

Moving Telecom Cables For Insulation: The Procedure

With the bonuses paid out in recent years for the renovation and energy efficiency of buildings, many have made the important decision to equip their homes with a thermal coat. With this procedure, the companies in charge apply latest generation panels, manufactured with materials that favor the maintenance of the internal temperature and avoid heat dispersion, which allows you to save a lot.

Before starting work, however, it is good to worry about issues such as moving Telecom cables for insulation, since, as is well known, there are poles, switchboards and cabins for the telephone network cabling on public and private buildings. When a complete renovation of the facades of a building is being organised, as in the case of insulation with a thermal coat, the operator must be activated to allow the removal of the wires in total safety.

It is important to know that to move Telecom cables for insulation it is not so easy to act independently, but special permits must be requested, so** the times can also be quite long. **It is therefore essential to plan in advance in order not to delay the work, starting with the sending of the Telecom cable movement form for insulation.

In this article we will see how this procedure is feasible, how to contact Telecom to move thermal coat cable and the costs of the service by Cohere.

Moving Telecom cables for insulation: where to start

Finding themselves in the position of having to carry out a home renovation for thermal insulation, many citizens wonder how it is possible to move Telecom cables for insulation.


Often, in fact, these structures are located right next to the walls of the buildings and, of course, they cannot be easily removed, considering that collateral damage could arise, such as damage to the telephone network systems. In this situation, what can be done?

Although the times can be quite long, the operator provides a technical service that takes care of moving Telecom cables for insulation. Anyone who needs it can forward the request, considering however that the intervention of the employees will not be immediate. Evaluating alternative options in this sense is possible, but not advisable, unless you contact professionals in the sector, such as architects or the construction company itself.

Having said that, those who undertake to carry out the work of moving Telecom insulation cables must keep in mind the obligations and constraints on the feasible modifications, since** the removal of the wires is not permitted, if anything their relocation. ** At the legislative level, the presence of cables and telecommunications infrastructures allow passing through public and private buildings, even without the consent of the property owners.

Appealing to the manager is the right way: this is why special communication channels are active. We'll talk more about that in a bit.

How to contact Telecom to move thermal coat cable

Finding yourself in the situation of having to move Telecom cables for insulation, it is useful to know that the operator has activated a service that takes care of it and that relocates the systems in order to allow the construction company to complete the work.

To request Telecom's intervention in a private property subject to structural changes for energy efficiency, consumers can contact the institution on the toll-free number** 800.31.54.29. **Following the instructions in the voice guide, you will be able to obtain the fax number to which **the Telecom cable movement form for insulation insulation must be forwarded. **How ​​should the document be completed?

First of all, your personal data must be entered, with an indication of the exact place where the work is to be carried out and the description of the plant to be moved. A person in charge will take care of the practice, checking the documentation provided and organizing an inspection, with which he will evaluate the characteristics, feasibility and any costs. Depending on the case, the expense could be charged to the person who requested it. Very often the answer is late in arriving, even after several reminders and letters, but it is a complex procedure and for which numerous factors must be considered. The big advantage, however, is that of the cost: how much is it?

Moving Telecom cables for insulation: costs

When the manager intervenes to move cables, upon request via fax, the reasons can be different.

In the event that you intend to carry out a maintenance, refurbishment or renovation operation, normally the home owner does not have to bear any costs. The telephone operator will provide for the adaptation of the infrastructures in such a way as to allow the company to complete the work.

If, on the other hand, the request is made for aesthetic reasons, and therefore, not with the intention of making the building safe or to implement necessary improvements, the relocation of the cables must be charged to the applicant. In the event of disputes, consumers can contact the Tar or the Justice of the Peace.

Except for special conditions reported in the deed of incorporation of the building, in relation to the easement and the obligations affecting the land, those who intend to obtain the movement of Telecom cables for insulation can benefit from a convenient service, provided by the manager himself, although the times are quite long.

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