New Minecraft Skins With Default Minecraft Skins Bring Back Steve's Beard

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Mojang has changed the default Minecraft skins, Steve and Alex - and Minecraft Steve's beard is back after years of sporting a clean-shaven style. The blue-shirted Minecraft Steve was the original model. However, many players mistakenly thought that it was a smiling smile. The model was later removed to make the default character more gender-neutral.
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Minecraft Alex was introduced in 2014 as a default skin. Alex has a green top with longer red hair, and ponytail. This makes it a more feminine version of Steve's. Microsoft studio head of Minecraft Helen Chiang said in an interview in 2018 that Microsoft wanted to use the Minecraft brand to break away from traditional gender stereotypes by presenting Alex and Steve as having similar physical qualities and capabilities.

With two options available and two options available, it was decided to bring back Steve’s famous goatee. The new skins were highlighted in a Minecraft subreddit thread. They also enhance Alex's shading to give the second character model a more natural, three-dimensional appearance. The response has been overwhelming positive, with many fans thrilled to see Steve's beard back.

Many commenters say that they're content that Steve is now back to the style used in the majority of official artwork - including the character's appearance in Nintendo brawler Super Smash Bros Ultimate. "I understand why they originally took it off," says the most popular comment in the Reddit thread at the moment of writing, "but it was clearly an important part of Steve's design, and it seems that Mojang also agrees. It's great to see it come back after all these years.

Jasper Boerstra, Minecraft's lead artist, commented on the new look via Twitter. He said, "I'm glad you like the return to the beard!" Boerstra also noted that classic banding techniques and 'pillow shading" are employed in the new skins, however, he asked users to weigh on whether this choice was a good one. The skins also have classic choices, in case you prefer the old-fashioned styles.

If the default style of Steve and Alex isn't you, fear not we've got the most appealing Minecraft skins for you. We also have a comprehensive guide to all Minecraft console commands and our top choices for Minecraft mods. Did you know that Minecraft Redstone contains radioactive uranium. This makes you think twice about what goes into putting your home together But take a look at the best Minecraft houses for some great designs.

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