Officers Quarters: Leveling up as a Guild in Cataclysm, Part 2.

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A reader wrote in to ask about some rules and regulations to follow as a guild leader during the character-leveling process of an expansion. We'll be focusing on Cataclysm here however, many of these tips can be applied to any expansion with a raised level cap. Part 1 offered four suggestions:

Have a plan.

Organise group activities.

Don't rush anyone.

Create a date and time for the final game.

I have five more to share this week.

5. Keep it light.

For an instant, think about GearScores and progression bosses. Also, think about wipes. Think about counter-comps and arena ratings. Did you experience any stress? For the majority of players, these aren't subjects that can be a source of stress. This is a reminder to all officers that the initial leveling phase is the only time players need to think about these things. Don't cause unnecessary stress during this time -- place an emphasis on enjoying the leveling process and having fun.

Your goal should be to find a balance between encouraging people to move up and maintaining a positive outlook.

6. Make sure that your guild is getting better.

Celebrate milestones as they happen. Recognize players who have made significant contributions to the team through accomplishments or other activities. This helps members feel part of a bigger community.

Another way to promote an understanding of the common goal is to accelerate guild achievements with achievement bounties or scheduled events.

Remember that at minimum, at least four members of a dungeon group must be part of the same guild in order for the run to count as a guild run. Encourage your members to run with their fellow members whenever they can. You may not need to stretch your arms to contemplate the difficulties of Cataclysm's dungeons. It'll be smart.

7. Find rerollers of level 1.

Some members will be tempted by the new races and race/class combinations and decide to level up to a higher level from scratch. It is important to know who is doing this ahead of time. If half of the guild is beginning over, you're going to want to prepare for that by scaling back expectations for the first few weeks. Based on the pace that players are playing, it's possible that some players who are rerolling will beat a few of the 80s players to the highest level. There is very little control over this. Your best option is to manage expectations of players by collecting information and keeping track of their progress.

Players who choose not to play reroll could get frustrated in the event that they're unable to function as a group for a few weeks. So at a minimum, make sure you have a viable 10 player team for battlegrounds and raids that are leveling from 80. Failing that, a viable five-player dungeon or arena team can at least provide guild members something to collaborate on if they can coordinate their schedules.

If the number of rerollers going to cause a big issue, you can ask some players to volunteer to upgrade their 80s first to help out with guild activities , and then switch to a different main later. If your guild has an based on points system for loot it is possible to allow players to transfer their points to their new main once they've gotten that character up to a speed that allows them to raid.

However, just because a player wants to make changes to their mains doesn't mean they have to be given an opportunity to play. If you must be aggressive with people to make sure you still have a viable group comp at 85, then you'll need to get tough. Two dozen DPS and a tank will not be able to take down an opponent at 85.

8. Do not dwell on losses, learn from them.

Despite all the steps, you may still find yourself losing members. The majority of players view an expansion as a clean slate. They may use the opportunity to join a friend's guild on a different server or reroll on the opposite faction for a change of pace. These things are not impossible to control.

The issue is when people leave due to wanting to join the "better" guild, no matter what that means to them. The only way to find out why people left, if they're not forthcoming about it, is to inquire. Talk to them privately. Let them know that you're not upset about the situation (unless this is the case) and that you'd like to learn more about the reasons they left the guild. Although they may not be able to give you an immediate answer but some may. This information will help you improve your guild and avoid future losses.

9. Make sure you sign up early if you'll need to.

Soon, there will be many 85s eager to get into the endgame and searching for a guild to join. Other players will want access to your sweet guild perks and rewards. Recruitment will be easier when the expansion is in place. Beware of freeloaders!

While it's not possible for everyone to please If you do your job well and have a solid community you'll be able to guide players through the process of leveling until the final game. Leveling through Cataclysm will be one of the most exciting events in WoW's history. Do not worry too much, and enjoy the experience!

/salute or salute Scott your concerns, questions or suggestions about guilds at Your query could be the topic of next week's Officers Quarters!

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